Siam Piwat and UNDP join hand for an affirmative commitment to diversity, equality and inclusiveness with the launch of a pioneering campaign Siam Center – a DiversCity Building


Siam Piwat, the owner and operator of global retail destinations Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery, and joint-venture partners of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are joining hand to initiate a collaborative mission to emphasize diversity, equality and inclusion to all genders, races or disabilities. The initiative kicked off with a campaign spearheaded by Siam Center The Ideaopolis, in collaboration with UNPD, to announce Siam Center as DiversCity Building, a building that embraces diversity, equality and inclusion.

Chanisa Kaewruen, Senior Deputy Managing Director - Marketing Promotion and Corporate Relations, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., said “Siam Piwat, as a retail business leader and the owner and operator of global retail destinations, among them has a long-standing history of over 64 years in the Thai retail scene. We have actively driven and supported the country’s economy, leveraged the country’s retail industry and played a key role to progressively put Thai retail business and shopping centers in the global limelight. The subject of social responsibility has been our underlining business practices, which involve the communities, society and the environment.Siam Piwat has also focused on empowering peoples’ potentials through Thai wisdom and creativity, to create shared values to the public, to the society and to our country. Importantly, we have amplified equal opportunities, equality and offer supports to drive achievement.

Through our business history, Siam Piwat has embraced diversity, equality and inclusion. Initially, we have incorporated Universal Design principles in our retail premises to make them accessible to all, which features inclusive architectural structure, services and facilities. The shopping centers’ entrances and exits are well connected to walkways, slopes that surround the buildings and the parking spaces. Varieties of innovative equipment are utilized in-mall and in outer areas at OneSiam and ICONSIAM. Going above and beyond, our company has also collaborated with our business alliance Siam Synergy to creatively connect Patumwan intersections with a unique Skywalk, designed based on the Universal Design principles. The initiative not only offers convenience to a greater number of people, but also accessibility and inclusiveness that embrace diversity such as senior citizens and people with disabilities. We also welcome staff with disabilities, and they have successfully maximized their potentials and abilities.Diversity and inclusion, these are values Siam Piwat has proactively embraced.

To amplify the company’s values to respect diversity and inclusion, Siam Piwat has made another commitment, which is to support UNDP, the global organization that works to improve the lives of the people in Thailand through broad thematic areas such as social advocacy, environmental issues, sustainable development and gender equality. Siam Center now declares itself a DiversCity Building, a building that embraces diversity, equality and inclusion.

Being inclusive and respecting diversity is not just a good thing, it's the right thing. Businesses that respect diversity and inclusion in their practices have so much to gain from it and they also projects a positive image of the company." said Renaud Meyer, Resident Representative of UNDP in Thailand. "UNDP congratulates Siam Piwat for its commitment to the diversity and inclusion agenda. We encourage other companies to follow and we are ready to partner with other private companies in Thailand to adopt an inclusive approach in their business practices."

Siam Center, The Ideapolis, join forces with business alliances to launch diversity campaign

Siam Center The Ideopolis is the center of imagination and limitless creativity in arts, fashion, technology and lifestyle. A shopping destination full of vibes, phenomenal and unconventional happenings, Siam Center supports to gender diversity is vivid. Its many activities highly value, and empower inclusiveness, offer friend-to-all vibe and truly respect individuals in their diversity. Its pioneering campaign DiversCity Building, a building that embraces diversity, equality and inclusion, is a joint force with UNDP to support social advocacy, environmental issues, sustainable development and gender equality. From now on, more activities and symbolic initiatives to emphasize these values will be a continuous approach, with an aim to raise awareness and acceptance of diversity and inclusion. To start with, a restroom on the 2nd floor of Siam Center (Near Mo Mo Paradise restaurant) will be dedicated to diverse occupants. All visitors can share their good vibe and declare their supports to diversity, equality and inclusion.

Join us, show your support, be an inspiration, and together drive positive change in our diverse society with DiversCity Building, a building that embraces diversity, equality and inclusion, at Siam Center The Ideapolis and keep posted on our upcoming activities.