Siam Piwat ICONSIAM Joins Forces with CP Origin to Support Thai Entrepreneurs, Bridging ICONCRAFT and “Origin SME” Platforms to Take the Local Thai Craftsmanship on to the Global Stage


- The partnership between two robust partners, Siam Piwat ICONSIAM and CP Origin, in a bid to enable Thai SMEs to become sustainably competitive the global market.

- The omnichannel to seamlessly connect ICONCRAFT with “Origin SME” e-commerce platform, expanding opportunities distribution channels for Thai SMEs in both online and modern trade platforms.

- Reinforce Siam Piwats commitment to conducting its business practices that bring benefits to people and society at large by exploring and offering further opportunities for Thai craft SMEs to showcase their products.

Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., the world’s leading retail property developer, owner and operator of world-class projects, such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery,one of the joint owners of ICONSIAMand Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, has joined forces withits robust partner, CP Origin, the developer ofPlatforms of Opportunity, marching to support Thai smalland medium-sized Thai craftsmenby deploying the omnichannel strategy to connect ICONCRAFT withe-commerce "Origin SME" platform for business and social use. This endeavor is to further take Thai brands and products on to the global stage and build up their reputation overseas, unlocking opportunities for selected craft brands to showcase and sell their products at ICONCRAFT and on the Origin SME platform. All joining products from 15 participating local brands can be now relished at the "Craft of Sharing" event between February 9 – 28, 2022 at ICONSIAM.

Mrs. Usara Yongpiyakul, Chief Executive Officer, Retail Business Group, Siam Piwat Company Limited, said about this cooperation that Thai crafts are both locally and internationally recognized, thanks to Thai SME’s creativity and product quality development. However, in thriving the business, it is necessary to accelerate the brand building process while expanding distribution channels. Throughout the time, Siam Piwat has always committed to bring benefits to people and society at large by supporting and encouraging SMEs to develop their multi-faceted potential by collaborating with Siam Piwat's strong network of business leaders to enhance the potential of entrepreneurs to upgrade products and marketing channels while also reinforcing their competitiveness in the global market.

Siam Piwat has collaborated with CP Origin, opening its door to welcome Thai craft SMEs and enabling them to gain access to productive distribution channels, both online and offline. Selected Thai artisans can physically display their crafts for sales at the ICONCRAFT zone, side by side with other local handcrafted products, which are unique and rich in creativity, be it innovative art pieces or contemporary crafts that have been meticulously produced by skilled artists across the country.”

ICONCRAFT, is a hub of inspiration that showcases Thai crafts products from over 800 Thai craftsmen, seeking to forge a path towards modern trade for them to boost sales opportunities and business growth while honoring Thai local wisdom. The ICONCRAFT brand offers wide assortments of products, including jewelry, souvenirs, home decorations, design, Thai art, lifestyle products, daily commodities, fragrances, food and confectionery.

Mr. Supot Chaiwatsirikul, Managing Director of ICONSIAM Company Limited, said “ICONSIAM is a major destination that welcomes many Thai and international tourists. We cater spaces for all groups of people to shine their creativity and novelty, among which are Thai craft SMEs. ICONSIAM is a platform that unleashes opportunities for the local talents and vivid handicrafts to be appreciated internationally, allowing customers at the global market to be exposed to the high-quality of handcrafted works that blend with local wisdom, which in turn increases the ability for Thais while bringing pride to both those creating the work and ICONSIAM itself. The launch of the 'Origin SME' project will be another channel that hands over a valuable chance for Thai entrepreneurs to sell their products at ICONCRAFT, sharing the platform with other Thai talents across the country in order to promote potential small entrepreneurs. It is another driver in the society that helps steer the Thai economy and build a greater reputation for the nation in the future.”

Under the "Origin SME" project, Siam Piwat, by the ICONCRAFT brand and CP Origin, further develops to launch activities that honor creativity and Thai wisdom at the event of "Craft of Sharing,” opening the door of opportunity for local merchants and Thai entrepreneurs across the country to sell products in the dedicated zone, exempt from all charges and fees. Mr. Aekachai Tangratanavalee - CP Origin President said that “the mission of CP Origin is to innovate technology in order to achieve broad business development. We are ready to integrate the technology we have to support small entrepreneurs. This event is one of the activities that help promote and drive Thai SMEs, offering a platform to showcase their talents, as well as supporting merchants and all types of local craft entrepreneurs, whether they are providing clothes, food, drinks, or home décors, by bringing together the best 15 creative brands and ideas from all regions throughout the country.”

The products currently available among others at Craft of Sharing are clothing brand that features contemporary Thai craftsmanship Tool; alternative for health enthusiasts Sirikunchorn; Thai fragrances BOY'S NECK; natural fragrances KAJORN; genuine silver jewelry SARR.RAI; herbal inhalers Inh; handcrafted furniture Ma Maison; sterling silver jewelry Norwa Jewelry.

Support the entrepreneurs and shop local products handcrafted by the Thai talents now at "Craft of Sharing" at ICONCRAFT (4th floor), ICONSIAM, from today 28 February, 2022.