True5G PRO HUB, figurative spacecraft for the future, launches to answer all lifestyles and interests of the new generation and now opens on the fourth floor of Siam Discovery


True5G PRO HUB is the brainchild of three major partners namely Siam Piwat, True and Kantana Group who join forces to answer all lifestyles and interests of the new generation whether they are gamers, lifestyle content creators or enthusiastic learners of future skills. It opens now on the fourth floor of Siam Discovery.

True5G PRO HUB: The Space of Immersive Discovery’ is a major collaboration between three key players from their respective industries. Siam Piwat Group is a leader in property development and high-end retail. True Techcompany is a leading telecommunication technology provider in Thailand. Katana Group is a leader in content and TV and movie production in Thailand. Together they see the importance of having a creative space for the new generation that is developed from an in-depth understanding of the lifestyle and interests of Gen Z who are the driving force behind Thailand and the world. This results in the creation of spaces and activities that truly answer the needs of the younger generation. True5G PRO HUB occupies over 2,000 sqm, designed with the “SpaceCraft to The Immersive Discovery Space” concept in mind. The figurative spacecraft from the future will bring everyone to the world of new discoveries. The spacecraft theme truly reflects the identity and the goal of this brand-new space. ‘Space’ represents a gathering place for the new generation to explore endless possibilities in the vast borderless universe while ‘craft’ refers to a space for creativity and future skill development. The hub comprises seven zones designed for the purposes of entertainment, learning and relaxation.


The main hall of 787 sqm in size features three huge LED screens designed to host competitions. It can be arranged in various ways to suit different occasions and also features a food and beverage zone. The centre hall links to other zones and can accommodate up to 600 people.


The 90 sqm space features expansive glass walls, allowing visitors to see out and take in a 180-degree panoramic view of the city. It can be partitioned off with curtains for extra privacy and to adjust brightness as desired.


The aptly named zone is dedicated to gamers and those who wish to explore the cyber world through high-end devices within 40 sqm of area. It’s equipped with 10 high-spec computers, gaming equipment, and high-end gaming chairs.


An exhibition room with a big moon floating in the centre. It’s equipped with lighting and brightness adjustment systems in order to envelop visitors with a galactic vibe as if they are floating among stars. Suitable for displaying artworks, products, NFT art and art toys.


A private VIP room for skill levelling up while enjoying the city view with utter exclusivity. It’s equipped with high-quality equipment and devices. Designed specifically for both advanced and hardcore gamers with five high-end and high-spec computers, gaming devices and high-end gaming chairs. There’s also a room for console gamers, featuring retro game consoles, arcade machines, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch along with TVs and sofas for relaxation. It can be used to host a training session, competition, meeting or small party.


A private zone with three mini rooms for competition, training, classes, workshops or small parties.


A private streaming zone equipped with high-spec computers with accompanying equipment for streaming such as cameras and capture cards for e-sport athletes or streamers who wish to elevate their playing or training experiences to the next level. There’s also a VR Game room dedicated to virtual reality games on the popular console PlayStation 5 with a PlayStation VR2 headset.

Ek-kawit Chaiwaranurak, Group Head: Siam Center & Siam Discovery, Siam Piwat, said, “True5G PRO HUB is a figurative spacecraft to transport visitors to a new world where discovery and future skills development await the new generation. Because we believe that they are a major force that drives the world right now and in the future. Therefore, Siam Discovery is a spaceport to launch the spacecraft as it’s centrally located in the Siam area where businesses, education and destinations for all lifestyles converge. These factors make True5G PRO HUB a new community landmark for the new generation which is full of colours, happiness, fun and limitless possibilities. It is open for all to join as its hashtag #ComePlayWithUs suggests.”

Tanaphon Manavutiveth, Chief Marketing Officer at True Corporation Public Company Limited, said, “Gen Z grew up with digital technology and expect that technology plays big parts in their lifestyles. This coincides with True Techcompany’s goal to deliver digital technology to answer the needs of people from all lifestyles. This leads to the creation of True5G PRO HUB. As a leader in 5G telecommunication networks and digital infrastructure, True has complemented its two partners in this project with broadband internet and the 5G smart network that is fast and steady with low latency. True acts as an energy source to propel this spacecraft forward on a smooth journey into the endless future. And along this journey, visitors - be they gamers, lifestyle content creators or techies - who wish to develop skills get to unlock boundless possibilities for themselves.”

Jiraj Kaljaruek, Marketing Director at Kantana Group, said, “True5G PRO HUB will be the spacecraft for the future that will always venture forth. As a specialist in content and production in Thailand as well as esports of this project, Katana Group serves as a command centre to administrate and develop new content and activities so that True5G PRO HUB will be filled with happenings that cater to all lifestyle needs of gamers, lifestyle content creators and learners of future skills and self-development. The hub provides a space for youngsters who wish to discover themselves in a creative way, learn future skills while having fun and build communities of like-minded people.”

The creation of the new world within True5G PRO HUB is another milestone to push Thailand’s digital economy towards sustainable growth and serves as a space for meeting, learning and skill development for the new generation and caters to the digital needs of people of all ages. Moreover, it also serves as a tourist attraction where visitors can be inspired or relax with food, beverage and fun activities that True5G PRO HUB hosts every month. Those who are interested can visit True5G PRO HUB from today. They can follow updates and upcoming activities via the Facebook fan page PRO HUB THAILAND or