Siam Piwat Group opens community spaces to provide unique and unparalleled experiences in response to various lifestyles of all generations


Siam Piwat Group, a leading property and retail developer, the owner and operator of world-renowned destinations including Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery, and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, recently opened co-creation community spaces for the new generation, providing them a door of opportunity to express their identity and their own lifestyle, reinforcing its leadership in developing world-class destinations and creating unique and unprecedented experiences for all generations. These spaces include;

- Siam Center has been overwhelmingly successful in collaboration with TikTok, launching The Fashhh Battle campaign and opening an innovative ideas space, TikTok Space, in the form of an Installation Art Space for creators to battle their ideas without limits.

- Siam Paragon opens a “Wall of Wonders” space for everyone to share happiness, memories, and present creative ideas.

- Siam Discovery introduces new experiences in the future world with True5G PRO HUB, Southeast Asia's first creative community under Immersive Discovery theme.

- ICONSIAM organizes "Van Gogh Alive Bangkok", the world's largest digital-immersive art exhibition in Southeast Asia, joining forces to create the ultimate Co-Creation phenomenon for the first time in the Thai retail industry.

These all reflect Siam Piwat's business philosophy of Co-creation, which aims to offer unique experiences both online and offline while establishing a community that caters to the different lifestyles of people of all generations.

Siam Piwat has successfully developed global landmarks that have been alongside Thailand for decades. In today's fast-paced world, the company aims to develop the project area to meet the lifestyles of people of all generations by creating a place where everyone spends more time together, becoming a different and unique community. The company has driven its businesses under co-creation initiatives, creating new business opportunities through collaboration with leading business partners both domestically and globally to create a space that will offer the most cutting-edge living experience for all generations, be it fashion, art, games, technology, or digital lifestyle. This will allow the new generation to have a space to fully express themselves and truly catapult our developments to Global Landmark Destinations.

Siam Center has been overwhelmingly successful in The Fashh Battle campaign.

Siam Center, The Ideaopolis, received an overwhelming response from the collaboration with TikTok in the Siam Center I TikTok The Fashhh Battle, a challenge campaign encouraging everyone to create video clips and post it on Tiktok under the concept of an excellent opportunity to express yourself and show off your own ideas. Siam Center presents a space for innovative ideas, TikTok Space, an Installation Art Space for creators to battle their ideas without limits. The #TheFashhhBattle campaign was held between 5-25 March and got up to 26.3 million views and 316,905 engagements. The campaign has been trending on TikTok since the first day of the activity while the overview of the clips participating in the TikTok campaign is credited as high-quality content, and some of the clips are so popular that they even go viral.

True5G PRO HUB, a new landmark for digital lifestyle community for new generation

Siam Piwat, Kantana Group and True jointly develop True5G PRO HUB: The Space of Immersive Discovery, a space of the future that is ready to take the new generation to explore, discover, and develop future skills to all possibilities in a new world without limits under the Immersive Discovery concept, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Located on an area of over 2,000 square meters on the 4th floor, Siam Discovery, the space will serve as a gathering place for the young generation, whether it is Gamer Lifestyle from amateurs to professionals, Gen Z Lifestyle for all types, such as cosplay, anime board games, and Future Skills, which will provide hands-on experiences and learning on the digital skills needed for the future, while encouraging a social network of gamers and people with the same interests that will lead to endless learning and development.

“Wall of Wonders” sharing happiness, memories and get creative ideas

Siam Paragon creates the first phenomenon in the world of retail industry with a groundbreaking initiative by opening space for everyone to participate in sparking creativity through the "Wall of Wonders", or an interactive wall, a public space that allows both Thai and foreign tourists who visit Siam Paragon to come together to share happiness, memories, impressive stories, and present creative ideas for co-creation as part of the transformation of the global landmark in the heart of Bangkok, which aims to create a variety of space to meet the needs of every generation. The "Wall of Wonders" has been installed on the first floor of the North Wing from now until May 31, 2023. Furthermore, in May, Siam Paragon continues to impress visitors with a digital art installation featuring renowned masterpieces, providing an opportunity for people to be part of the creative works through their ideas and imagination. This reinforces Siam Paragon’s position as a place which offers experiences that exceeds expectations and is ranked as their top-of-mind destinations for people from around the globe.

The first time in Thailand with "Van Gogh Alive Bangkok", the world famous digital immersive art

ICONSIAM, a world-class landmark on the Chao Phraya River, joins hands with Grande Experiences, the creator and producer of Van Gogh Alive's rights, and in collaboration with Live Impact Events, who curates and presents the world-class experiences to create a phenomenon with the world's largest digital immersive art exhibition in Southeast Asia "Van Gogh Alive Bangkok". The event exhibits the masterpieces of the Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh, the most famous and influential artist in the history of Western art, allowing those interested in art to learn and create inspiration as well as experience the Immersive Multi-Sensory Experience on a large area of 4,120 square meters from now until July 31, 2023 at Attraction Hall, 6th floor, ICONSIAM.

As a leader in creativity, Siam Piwat Group aims to develop global prototype projects that deliver unparalleled experiences for both Thai and foreign visitors. The company is also prepared to form solid partnership with both domestic and international partners to jointly create a phenomenon that caters to the diversity of people's lives in each community and every generation.