Siam Piwat expands ‘Made By Beautiful People’ through partnership with 9 organizations to offer products made by people with big hearts to foster a well-growing platform


Nothing can stifle creativity and ambitions, even among those with physical or mental disabilities or from underprivileged backgrounds, especially when they are given an equal opportunity to build a career and have access to a platform where their precious work can be introduced to the public, which will not only empower them but also earn them social acceptance and an opportunity to improve their quality of life. This aligns with Siam Piwat’s tenet as a developer of a platform that seeks to drive success by fostering pride, engaging in product co-development, and creating growth opportunities for all parties in a sustainable way.

If you have been to ICONSIAM, you may have visited ICONCRAFT on the 4th and 5th floors, which offers a wide array of exquisite products from various brands. Housed within this section is a zone named ‘Made by Beautiful People,’ which Siam Piwat has dedicated to craftworks made by underprivileged people in order to publicize the products as well as to enable them to earn a livelihood, support their communities, and cultivate a sense of pride in themselves and their families. For over the past four years, through partnership with various foundations, this zone has not only been a venue that supports and provides opportunities for underprivileged individuals, inmates, people with disabilities, and children with special needs but has also been a platform that encourages and empowers these people to realize their dreams and fosters equality in society.

Unveiling CHANN’s aromatherapy products under the Nabha Foundation

ICONCRAFT, a 2,500 sq.m. hub of innovative contemporary art and craftworks, has been honored and selected as the venue for the launch of CHANN, a brand of bath and body aromatherapy products made by former female inmates under the Nabha Foundation under the patronage of HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha, which gives these individuals an opportunity to earn a livelihood and have a good future in society. CHANN offers Thai herb-based products crafted using recipes and local wisdom passed down through generations that will give you ultimate relaxation and leave your skin pampered. Handcrafted with the inspired hands of former inmates, every bottle of CHANN product will leave you feeling content and proud that you have contributed to a cause that gives opportunities for these people. Making its debut on February 1, CHANN products are now available as a permanent feature at two ICONCRAFT locations in the heart of the city on the 4th-5th floors at ICONSIAM and on the 3rd floor at Siam Discovery.

ICONCRAFT also features products made by female inmates under Kamlangjai Project, another initiative under the royal patronage of HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha, which provides assistance to those in need of opportunities in Thailand. This project not only gives these individuals an opportunity to start a new life but also helps with their assimilation into society, contributes to the harmonious existence of all in society, and encourages them to become uprights members of society again.

Ms. Parisa Chatnilbandhu, Senior Director of Retail Concept Shop Business, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., said, “Siam Piwat has created the Made by Beautiful People Zone at ICONCRAFT as a creative platform of endless inspiration for persons with disabilities, children with special needs, as well as people from underprivileged backgrounds and inmates who are skillful designers and artisans. We have collaborated with nine organizations, namely Kamlangjai Project, the Nabha Foundation, the Vocational Development Center for the Disabled, Light for the Disabilities Foundation, Anusan Sunthon School for the Deaf, Chiang Mai, Arunothai for Special Needs Project, Autistic Thai Foundation, Na Kittikun Foundation, male-female correctional institutions in the northern region, and Sikkha Asia Foundation. The space features a diverse range of unique handicrafts, including clothing, bags, bottles, glasses, accessories, shawls, hats, hand-embroidered cloths, as well as souvenirs, such as flower garlands made from tissue paper, all meticulously crafted with love and the will to send positive energy to people. The Made by Beautiful People Zone has enjoyed overwhelming positive feedback among both Thai and international visitors alike, with plans to expand collaboration with more foundations, reinforcing Siam Piwat’s mission to promote and embrace diversity, inclusion, and equal participation.”

“Siam Piwat strives to develop a platform to drive success by fostering pride and sustainable growth for all people. Made by Beautiful People is truly a venue that promotes equality and offers endless opportunities for those in need in Thai society.”

You can show support our friends and their precious products at ICONCRAFT, the ultimate hub of Thai handicrafts, on the 4th and 5th floors of ICONSIAM and on the 3rd floor of Siam Discovery.