Siam Piwat an d G-YU Creative Join Forces with BMA and Allies to Host Thailand’s First Trash Picking Competition in Thailand "SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE," A World-Class Environmentally Friendly Initiatives


Siam Piwat Company Limited, a leading real estate and retail developer, stands as a key figure in promoting sustainability. As the owner and operator of global destinations, such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM, ICS, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, the Company continues to exemplify its commitment to driving business practices that prioritize sustainability and contribute positively to the environment.

Siam Piwat has implemented various policies within its business operations to further its commitment to sustainability. These initiatives include setting reducing carbon footprint, utilizing smart building management systems to optimize energy savings, expanding green spaces within its retail premises, adopting efficient resource management practices, implementing comprehensive waste management strategies, and pioneering Thailand's first drive-thru recyclable garbage pick-up point.

Siam Piwat has partnered with G-YU Creative to organize a press conference for the innovative event called "SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE," marking the first-ever garbage picking sport competition in Thailand. Winner will be representing Thailand to compete in the SPOGOMI World Cup 2023, which will take place in Japan.

This Thailand’s first competition is a collaboration with various public and private sector alliances that share a common vision of driving environmental sustainability including The Embassy of Japan, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), Pathumwan District Office, Property Management of Chulalongkorn University, and PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC). Through these alliances, the initiative not only raises awareness locally but also fosters global participation.

The competition offers engaging program filled with educational and entertaining contents, all aimed at transforming trash management into an enjoyable experience. The completion is scheduled to take place from July 1-2, 2023, at Parc Paragon, M Floor of Siam Paragon.

Naratipe Ruttapradid, Chief Operating Officer of Siam Piwat, emphasized the organization's strong commitment to conducting business operations with a focus on sustainability. Recognizing the significance of preserving the environment and enhancing the well-being of diverse communities, Siam Piwat Group strives to contribute to the creation of a livable world for all living beings.

She said, “Over the years, Siam Piwat has integrated environmental preservation into its business processes. In line with this commitment, the company has collaborated with partners from the public and private sectors to organize the groundbreaking SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE, marking Thailand's inaugural waste collection sports competition. This event serves as a platform not only for competition but also for widespread learning and engagement in environmental preservation, expecting to send this message across to reach a wider audience and diverse groups of people.”

“The event serves as a powerful tool for raising awareness about waste management. By incorporating creative sports activities, it encourages participants to actively engage in waste reduction and proper waste separation. It transforms the concept of waste into something enjoyable and advantageous, capturing the attention and motivation of people of regardless of genders and ages. The aim is to inspire individuals to change their daily behaviors and contribute to restoring balance in nature.”

“The SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE is designed to facilitate an educational experience that highlights the potential of waste reuse. The event aims to showcase that waste can be transformed into valuable resources through recycling or repurposing into raw materials for upcycling into new products. All of these are integrated into a waste management practice that Siam Piwat has implemented as part of its Siam Piwat 360° Waste Journey to Zero Waste project. This comprehensive process aims to address environmental issues and contribute to sustainable solutions for reducing global warming.”

Yupharet Eakturapakal G-YU Creative Company Limited, acknowledged the escalating waste problem in Thailand, particularly the issue of waste accumulation in the environment. She said, “This year marks the first edition of a garbage collection and waste separation competition that combines fun and environmental awareness. There is a strong belief that proper waste sorting can begin with individuals themselves. It is widely recognized that our collective efforts play a crucial role in preserving the environment and promoting cleanliness in public areas.”

“The SPOGOMI competition, originating from Japan, is a sport that combines elements of fun, excitement, and teamwork. Japan is widely recognized and admired for its exceptional cleanliness, despite being a densely populated country with limited land area. The success of Japan in this field can be attributed to its meticulous attention to proper waste segregation. Through the organization of this garbage collection sport, our sincere hope is to create an activity that cultivates a sense of social responsibility and active participation among participants in the quest to make society cleaner and more pleasant.”

Esteemed partners attending the press conference at True 5G Pro Hub, 4th floor, Siam Discovery were from both the public and private sectors, shared their insights on the collaboration for organizing the competition. Among the distinguished speakers were Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok Pornprom Wikitset, environmental scientist and Founder of Greeney Thanaboon Somboon, CEO at Sivatel Bangkok Hotel Alisara Sivayathorn, and Co-Founder of Environman Ex-Program Assistant UNODC Unwaste Project Wilawan Panyang. These esteemed individuals provided valuable insights and highlighted their achievements in effectively managing waste within their respective organizations.

The press conference also saw the enthusiastic participation of numerous artists, actors, and celebrities. Prominent figures from the entertainment industry, such as artists from GMMTV, including Thaanathat ‘Indy’ Tanjararak, Bhobdhama ‘Java’ Hansa, and Ryota Omi from The Face Men Thailand Season 2 and Series Y actor. Others like Jirachot ‘Pan’ Chottikhamporn, Chattrin ‘Plai’ Chottikhamporn, Nantakorn ‘B Boy’ Singernthap, Phuwanon ‘Puri’ Thidakunprasert, Nattawut ‘Float’ Tritech, (Chayut ‘King’ Khemthongkam, and the XI band, added their star power to the occasion.

SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023: Picking Up Trash Can Be a Global Competition

The inspiration for this competition stems from an organization called "The Nippon Foundation," which is a private non-profit foundation based in Tokyo, Japan. The Foundation was established in 1962. Being one of the largest foundations in Japan, it is dedicated to promoting activities in a wide range of fields that transcend races and national borders. The Foundation actively supports initiatives in areas such as children's welfare, disability inclusion, disaster relief, marine conservation, and humanitarian assistance. Its operations rely on funds from boat races as a significant financial resource.

SPOGOMI is an integral part of the "CHANGE FOR THE BLUE Umi to Nippon Project," which has been actively promoted since November 2018 as part of the "Ocean and Japan Project." The primary objective of this initiative is to raise awareness throughout society regarding the individual contributions to ocean pollution and the collective responsibility we all share in managing waste. The goal of the project is to work towards “a future where our oceans are free from trash.”

Social Sports Initiative

As the initiator of the SPOGOMI event in Japan, the idea was to transform garbage collection into a unique competition that raises the bar in the world of Japanese sports. The event promotes physical well-being and encourages individuals, both young and old, to recognize the significance of recycling and the avoidance of littering. Additionally, this novel endeavor aims to captivate individuals in sports participation by merging exercise with the preservation of the environment.

After several years of successfully hosting SPOGOMI events across Japan, UNIQLO, a prominent Japanese clothing retailer, has joined forces this year to lend support to environmental initiatives. The brand has generously donated US$2 million (equivalent to approximately 300 million yen) to the Nippon Foundation, earmarked for the organization of the highly anticipated "SPOGOMI WORLDCUP 2023."

Over 20 countries worldwide actively participated, fueled by contributions from the "JOIN: THE POWER OF CLOTHING 2022" campaign, which was sponsored by the sale of products crafted from recycled plastic.

SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE: Thailand's First Trash Collection Tournament!

On Sunday, July 2, 2023, the highly anticipated "SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE" will host Thailand's first garbage collection competition. A remarkable total of 60 teams have expressed keen interest in participating, with each team consisting of three dedicated participants.

The contestants will commence their mission from Siam Paragon, where they will embark on a designated route to collect garbage within the vicinity within a span of one hour. Following the collection phase, they will return to Parc Paragon to meticulously separate the gathered waste within a time limit of 20 minutes.

During the competition, all collected waste must be sorted into four distinct categories: plastic waste, glass bottles and aluminum cans, paper waste, and cigarette butts. Scores will be awarded based on the specified proportion for each waste category.

Subsequently, all the accumulated waste will be transferred to an appropriate and most constructive possible waste management process, adhering to the principles of the circular economy as advocated by Siam Piwat's "Siam Piwat 360° Waste Journey to Zero Waste" initiative. A portion of the plastic waste will be allocated to GC's You Turn plastic management project.

For the participants, the team that achieves the highest score will earn the honor of representing Thailand in the global garbage collection competition, set to take place at the "SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023" event on November 22, 2023, in Tokyo, Japan.

The winning team will also receive a remarkable prize package, including a cutting-edge food waste shredder provided by HASS valued at 35,000 baht, as well as exclusive Shadow 5,000 Midnight Swimming special edition and Eco-Friendly shoes from Saucony. Additionally, all contestants will be granted VIZ Coins, twice the usual amount, as part of Siam Piwat's RCC Double Point campaign. These are destined to reward the green-heart Thai participants. The accumulated VIZ Coins can be exchanged for a wide range of benefits through the ONESIAM SuperApp.

Furthermore, a special trash-picking competition exclusively designed for environmentally conscious celebrities will be held. The winner of this competition will be awarded a prize of 10,000 baht, which they can donate to a chosen charity dedicated to environmental conservation.

Mark your calendars for July 1-2, 2023, as an exciting array of informative and entertaining activities awaits you at the "SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE" event, hosted at Parc Paragon, Siam Paragon.

In conjunction with the previously mentioned highlights, the event "SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE" is proud to feature numerous earth-saving activities. One such activity is an exhibition that showcases integrated waste management under the "Siam Piwat 360° Waste Journey to Zero Waste" initiative.

Furthermore, an exhibition will showcase the innovative creations by ECOTOPIA in collaboration with the Earthology brand. This unique collaboration focuses on the Decarbonization concept collection, featuring a range of products such as bags, shirts, and hats, all crafted from recycled plastic waste. The plastic materials used in these creations are sourced from the collection efforts of Siam Piwat employees and waste within the shopping center, leading to a remarkable upcycling process.

Another captivating exhibition awaits attendees, showcasing environmental innovations that tackle waste from the textile industry. ECOTOPIA, in collaboration with Circular, presents a remarkable display where fabric scraps are ingeniously transformed into new garments.

Attendees can also participate in the "Trash for Beverage" initiative by Can Café, where they can exchange collected trash for special beverages packaged in recycled aluminum cans. Moreover, there will be eco-friendly workshop activities conducted by Hoo DIY as well as waste reduction cycling activities organized by Greenery.

Let's extend our heartfelt encouragement to the participants of Thailand's first trash pickup sport. By actively engaging in various activities designed to restore and conserve the environment, we can collectively make a positive and lasting impact across all sectors. Join us in embracing sustainability at the highly anticipated "SPOGOMI WORLD CUP 2023 THAILAND STAGE" event, taking place on July 1-2, 2023, at Parc Paragon, M Floor, Siam Paragon.