Siam Piwat Debuted "Green Siam" Book Featuring Eco-Friendly Trends and Creative Environmental Solutions


With deep concern of the environment, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., the owner of Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon and Paradise Park, together with Siam Commercial Bank Plc., recently launched "Green Siam" book. Full of national issues and information of environment, including green fashion trends and products, the book aims to foster the environmental conscience of Thai people by educating and encouraging them to save the world. On this special occasion, Siripen Intuputi, Deputy Managing Director of Advertising and Public Relations of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., and Tatree Likanapichitkul Social Contributions Manager of Siam Commercial Bank Plc., co-presided over the official launch at Grand Hall of Siam Discovery. Also joining the event were Assist. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, editor of Green Siam, and celebrities with green conscience, namely Amanda Donavanik, Siripa Intravichien, and Dissapong Diskul Na Ayudhya.

Siripen Intuputi, Deputy Managing Director of Advertising and Public Relations of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., as the spearhead of this publication, revealed that the current environmental issue poses wide impact on every country, including Thailand. Being well aware of this problem, several agents from both public and private sector launch campaigns to attract the public to jointly find the solutions. Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., as a part of the public sector, would like to foster the environmental conscience among Thai people so that they care for the environment and have social responsibility. To increase the public awareness and reduce the global warming, the Company sets up the nursery on the rooftop of shopping centers, recycles the paper, and hosts several eco-projects, namely Siam Discovery Tree Life and Siam Bike to Safe the World. Since 2007, the Company has been collaborating with Assist. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto and his team of expert in holding several green activities under Siam Center & Siam Discovery ECO Projects.

"With experiences gained throughout these years and strong effort to educate the public, we introduce "Green Siam" book consisting of the environmental details, universal and local environmental problems as well as eco-information, design, fashion trends and items. The book also provides the useful information on green management of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. We sincerely hope that "Green Siam" book will educate, inspire and benefit the readers to adapt their knowledge to cope with the environmental issues, do good deeds, and repay the society. Furthermore, the Company will donate the book to agents and libraries in several educational institutes," said Siripen.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, editor of Green Siam, revealed that throughout five years he has joined the green activities with Siam Piwat, he admires and thanks the Company for the constant support. Green Siam book gathers the environmental details that will inspire the youth and public to apply the knowledge gained and address the environmental issues.

"Green Siam contains 196 pages of eco-ideas, issues, solutions, as well as trends of products and home decor. I believe that the readers, especially teenagers, will learn and truly understand the situation from this easy-to-read Green Siam book with eye-catching colors. Therefore, I wish this book inspires everyone to make this world a better and pollution-free place," added Assist. Prof. Dr. Singh

In the event, celebrities with green conscience joined the book launch and revealed their eco-lifestyles.

Amanda Donavanik said that she usually cares for the environment and focuses on the energy saving. She would set the air conditioner to automatically turn off to reduce the energy consumption. She also recycles the paper by using it for the photocopy or turning it into notebooks.

Siripa Intravichien revealed that she usually spends the spare time reforesting because she loves living close to nature and would like to restore the abundant forest to Thailand. Whenever she spots the garbage along the way, she always puts it into the bin. She would like the eco-tourists to save the forests because it not only is the home of the wildlife, but also absorbs the carbon dioxide and releases the oxygen to produce fresh air. Green Siam book will provide the youth with knowledge because it contains helpful content for the readers, such as eco-friendly materials, solution to garbage issue, and environmental solution. If this content is disseminated, the readers will learn a lot more about the environment.

Dissapong Diskul Na Ayudhya, celebrity who lives an eco-lifestyle, said that he saves the worldby using eco-friendly products or the items made from natural or recycled materials. However, they must be well and stylishly designed, such as business cardholder made of tire. Furthermore, he uses the public transportation to travel in a short distance instead of driving. With everyone's help, he believes that the world would become a greener and cleaner place.

In the book launch, several green activities were held, such as eco-products and green IT gadgets from The Selected. In additional, "Sharing Online: Converting the Book into File" campaign by Siam Commercial Bank invited the volunteer minds to read "Green Siam" books of Siam Piwat and convert the file into Braille for the visual impaired people. Activity from brought young eco-ambassadors to exchange green ideas in Green Zone while Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth) sold books and donated all proceeds to MOA Art and Culture Foundation. Furthermore, the environmental management system of Siam Piwat is simulated and OSISU renowned furniture shop and STARBUCKSalso showcased the eco-furniture designed by Assist. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto.

Siam Piwat will donate the book to libraries of various education institutes. Please request the book at Marketing Promotion Department 2 of Supremo Co., Ltd. or tel.02 – 6108496