Siam Piwat set to launch the offensive for the year's second half; Firstism campaign planned to reinforce image as ultimate trendy experiences and win over target group while expanding customer base


Siam Piwat set to launch the offensive for the year's second half; Firstism campaign planned to reinforce image as ultimate trendy experiences and win over target group while expanding customer base

Siam Piwat is set to launch the offensive in the second half of the year. The company has revealed its third quarter marketing plan under the theme 'Firstism' and a strategy that encompasses "Mobile Marketing & Community" and "Customer Experience Management". To further expand its customer base, the company will introduce Siam Piwat Mobile Application, the first smart application in the retail industry to have a chat platform.

The second half of this year will see Siam Piwat focus on full integrated marketing. Extensive activities will be conducted in the areas of Mobile Marketing & Community as well as Customer Experience Management [CEM] under the third quarter theme of 'Firstism'. The aim is to reinforce Siam Piwat's status as a leader in the retail industry who is in it to bring something new and original so that consumers can enjoy 'first time' experiences and appreciate the value of being first.

Siam Piwat Mobile Application

"Siam Piwat Mobile Application". The application is the first of its kind in Asia's retail industry which combines two of today's most popular mobile platforms: informative and chat. Among informative platform's features are:

- Information on stores grouped according to each Siam Piwat shopping malls i.e. Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and Paradise Park.

- Updates on sales promotions, new product collections, activity news of interest at each shopping mall. Industry first with AR technology (Augmented Reality) to enable real-time communication.

- Special icons are available for VIZ members to keep them posted of the latest privileges so that they are the first to know.

For extra shopping convenience, Siamism icon is available to provide a link to The e-commerce website allows shoppers to buy more than 10,000 items in a wide range of categories anywhere at any time.

In addition, an entertainment feature is available for users to watch Absolute Siam TV via this smart application. Through Absolute Siam TV icon, shoppers can enjoy a variety of the trendiest trends, inspiring stories on art, fashion, technology and lifestyle as well as the hottest developments and sp_news_detail.

Retail industry's first - an online chat system for shopping lovers

Siam Piwat Mobile Application is the first mobile application in the retail industry to have a "Chat" platform. Once download the application, customer can chat online to communicate with fellow users just like they would do on LINE or WhatsApp. Users will enjoy chatting with close friends, their special ones or they can communicate with groups of shoppers in a club like-minded shopping lovers. Those who chat via this application will also enjoy sending cool stickers whose prints are regularly updated for them to use for free. During the launch of the new application, Siam Piwat has worked in collaboration with local world-famous illustrator Pomme Chan in the design of stickers specifically for the application.

Ms. Chanisa said, "The launch of Siam Piwat Mobile Application is a strategy to reach customers in a way that is direct, fast, extensive and efficient. We have invested to make the application as the tool for direct communication with our customers and to provide shopping convenience. Communication via mobile application will be the main system for the retail industry in the future. The latest information from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission shows that there are 90 million mobile phone numbers, which represents 132% of the population. We expect that 30% of mobile phone subscribers are smart phone users. We expect over 20,000 of them to download our application in a period of three months and 30,000 of them to download it by the end of this year. Shoppers will be able to download the application in July."

Active event marketing to build traffic and customer engagement

Ms. Chanisa said, "Competition in the retail industry worldwide is leading each shopping mall to create a wide range of promotional activities to attract customers to continually build traffic and generate sales. Siam Piwat's shopping malls are no exception. In the second half of this year, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery have plans to hold promotional activities. There will be a total of over 50 activities to be funded by a budget of over Bht 600 million.

Siam Center presents Absolute Me, Absolute We with Cheeze

"The kick-off event for the third quarter aims to draw customers to "Siam Center presents Absolute Me, Absolute We with Cheeze", an exhibition that features the largest number of street-style fashion photos in Thailand. Customers will be allowed to take photo under the concept of 'Give & Take.' They will share good things with people around them by taking picture with Absolute Siam products which are exclusively available at Siam Center. The photography will be open every day from now until 18 July 2014. The exhibition is expected to draw over 3,000 customers who are into fashion and dressing. And when it is over, we will get an exhibition with the largest number of street fashion photos in Thailand. The photos will be on display in and outside the shopping center. It will build a closer bond between Siam Center and customers."

Innovative event 'Siam Center AR Party' first time AR technology is used in party

During 25-27 July 2014, the company will organize super chic 'Siam Piwat AR Party'. The partygoers will experience the retail industry's state-of-the-art technology. AR (Augmented Reality) technology is one of the highlights in Siam Center's icon. Those who download Siam Center Application will be able to special features smart shopping technology has to offer. Shoppers need just use the application on their smart phones to peek through an AR camera and get news, entertainment while enjoying a new shopping format that is so trendy. Siam AR Party will be held on 25 July for the first groups of invited trend leaders. Customers in general will be able to enjoy the party on 26-27 July.

Loyal customers get special VIZ Card privileges

In addition to promotions held as part of a big campaign to attract shoppers, the company is also focusing on Costumer Experience management to win over repeat visitors and keep them loyal to Siam Center in the long term.
In July 2014, the company will reward over 80,000 VIZ Card members with more special privileges beyond expectations as offered by no other privileged cards. In addition to easier discounts and points, VIZ Card will also offer members Black Carpet Experience. Among the special privileges, members will 'Be the First' to experience preview collections and shop for selected items from leading Thai designers such as Milin, Sretsis and Greyhound. In 'Be Priority,' members will be able to reserve parking space before they arrive at the shopping centre and VIP Zone is always there for VIZ Card members at famous restaurants. 'Be Reward' will make it trouble free for members to get points through Instant Redemption where all points collected will be transferred into the gift card instantly. And what is super special is they can use it to get discounts and points from the famous stores every time they shop at Siam Piwat's shopping malls. Discounts are available from stores, restaurants and hotels in Thailand and overseas.

Third quarter promotion 'Siam Fantastic First' has the biggest offer ever

The promotions and sp_news_detail in the third quarter will be in line with the company's marketing plan. The theme for the quarter is 'Firstism' under which Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery will join together to kick off "Siam Fantastic First" campaign. The campaign will offer customers a special experience of being first with Siam Piwat. From 25 June to 17 August 2014, every purchase of Bht 2,000 for items from leading brands at the three shopping's malls, shoppers are entitled to a raffle to win some fantastic prizes. Among them is the Fantastic First Trip, a package tour that will take lucky shoppers to enjoy a world–class experience: a 2014-2015 countdown at Times Square, New York, where they will fly on first class and stay at luxury accommodation. The trip and other prizes on offer are valued at over Bht 30 million.
"This sales promotion is hotter than any previous campaigns because, normally, in the middle of the year shopping mall do not spend big on marketing activities as during this period of the year, big brands would offer shoppers mid-year sale. But this year, Siam Piwat's shopping malls chose to break away from the norm. We added this special campaign with unprecedented special offer to get shoppers excited to spend more money."

"We are confident that our marketing plans and sales promotions for the third quarter will help stimulate consumer spending and generate sales for our tenants. We also have something big in store for the fourth quarter of this year as we gear towards the year-end shopping season," said Ms. Chanisa.