Siam Piwat branches out its social betterment initiative “Citizen of Love” to integrally empower underprivileged and disabled people and special needs children Launching the first long-term showcase and retail space for heartmade products.


Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., the owner and operator of prestigious world-renowned retail developments - Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery and joint venture partner of ICONSIAM, has broaden its integral social contribution Citizen of Love, an ongoing project launched in 2009. As a Thai company establishing in the kingdom of benevolent love and heartwarming generosity of its citizen under His Majesty the King’s reign, Siam Piwat has envisioned moving forward through sharing love, providing opportunities and bringing pride and equality for all.

Siam Piwat’s “Citizen of Love” project centers on supporting and providing betterment for people with disabilities, underprivileged people and special needs children. The company’s prime retail properties have been offering free retail space for the less fortunate where their products are marketed and admired at new inspiring “Made by Beautiful People” zone. The charitable products are now available at ICONCRAFT in ICONSIAM on the 4Floor, and Siam Discovery as part of ODS (Object of Desire Store) on the 3 Floor. With an aim to inspire, to create opportunities and generate sustainable careers and income for the underprivileged people, the company offers full assists the sales and marketing of the products. Products now available are from 7 pioneering charitable organizations and groups namely Vocational Development Center for the Disabled (ศูนย์ส่งเสริมอาชีพคนพิการ), Light for the Disabilities Foundation (มูลนิธิแสงสว่างเพื่อพัฒนาคุณภาพชีวิตคนพิการ) , Anusarnsunthon School for the Deaf (โรงเรียนโสตศึกษาอนุสสรสุนทร จังหวัดเชียงใหม่) , Arunothai for Special Needs Project (โครงการอรุโณทัยเพื่อคนพิเศษ), Autistic Thai Foundation (มูลนิธิออทิสติกไทย), Na Kittikun Foundation (มูลนิธิ ณ กิตติคุณ) and Sikkha Asia Foundation (มูลนิธิสิกขาเอเชีย) . The ultimate goal is to culminate an empowering space, a creative showcase of their works and their talents, a place where products made by people, whose hearts know no boundaries , are connected to local consumers and visitors from across the globe.

Naratipe Ruttapradid, Siam Piwat Senior Executive Vice President- Operations of Siam Piwat said “Siam Piwat has created myriad of revolutionary world’s retail phenomena. We have also committed in driving our businesses towards sustainable growth and create shared values for the benefits of the people, the community and the society as well as the environment. The following three cornerstones prove that our properties stand for happiness and inclusivity to people of all gender, age and walks of lives as well as people with disabilities, special needs children and underprivileged people.

1. In the property development and retail industry, we have been a pioneering leader in full- scale Universal Design, to facilitate accessibility for underprivileged people, physically-challenged people, senior citizens and the public. We have committedly invested in the design, construction, facilities and spaces according to Universal Design principles. Our entrances and exits are carefully connected to the passageways, the wheelchair slopes and the parking. Connecting all One Siam areas, wheelchairs users including elderly visitors could easily navigate across three shopping centers – Siam Discovery, Siam Center and Siam Paragon. The large elevators could accommodate various types of wheelchairs. Signages communicate clearly – in terms of visibility and message. Functional restrooms and reserved parking spaces for disabilities and senior citizens are available on every floor. The company has also worked with its alliance Siam Synergy to introduce the Universal Design to the Pathumwan intersection skywalk, for the convenience for all. At ICONSIAM, the building and pier also embrace Universal Design principle. The pier’s slope is built and specially sectioned to serve people with disabilities. ICONSIAM has then been recognized as a world-standard pillar of Universal Design that truly serves and equally functions for variety of users.

2. A place to create opportunities, career and sustainable income. Each property of Siam Piwat has long served as a free retail space for underprivileged talents to display and sell their products which has generated opportunities, income and self value. The long-term Made by Beautiful People at ICONCRAFT, ICONSIAM and ODS (Object of Desire Store) at Siam Discovery as well as regular events supporting charitable products and the policy to hire FESPIC GAMES athletes as full-time employees, all reflect our truthful commitment.

3. Offering educational and edutainment experience for underprivileged people. Our facilities are excellence places of happiness, entertainment, pleasure, excitement, inspiration, imagination and all-new experiences. We invited school children for out-of-classroom learning experiences. We welcomed orphans from the South to Sea Life Bangkok Ocean Worl. Physically-challenged students from Srisangwan School to KidZania were welcomed to experience interactive career role-play and toured Siam Paragon. Siam Discovery has also invited its customers to give New Year Gift to vulnerable children. We are the first retail operators who has committedly worked on the philanthropic mission for over 15 years.

The latest “Made by Beautiful People,” is a showcase of creativity and infinite inspiration for talents, designers and makers with disabilities, special needs children and underprivileged people which is embraced in the same area as established Thai designers and artists, for true equality, dignity and pride.

“Made by Beautiful People” products are available at two locations, ICONCRAFT at ICONSIAM and ODS (Object of Desire Store) at Siam Discovery, shoppers will find products from 7 foundations and charities.

Vocational Development Center for the Disabled in Nonthaburi, a subsidiary of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Securities, is dedicated to develop sustainable living and income for the disabled. Varieties of products made by Pha Kao Mah, or traditional Thai loincloth, handmade by the disables are available.

Light for the Disabilities Foundation has created towel dolls made by people with brain disorder, to provide them sustainable income. The foundation also welcomes more members to help elevate their quality of living and encourage self-reliance.

From Anusarnsunthon School for the Deaf in Chiangmai, is uniquely designed bags under Thitipawin label made with Japanese Saori hand-weaving textile by students with hearing disability. The gevernment-run school was founded in 1981. Proceeds from the sale is given as scholarships for children with hearing disability.

Arunothai for Special Needs Project has developed “Heartist,” a charity bag brand made from

hand-woven fabric, a creative byproduct of therapeutic weaving program designed for children with special needs, making each piece one-of-a-kind artwork. Heartist is a combination between heart + artist, inspired by the belief that we can become an artist if we willingly put our heart in art. Heartist was founded by Waritsaruta Maisang, a 25-year-old girl who has been inspired by her volunteer work then developed a brand to support special needs children.

Autistic Thai Foundation has founded Art Story by Autistic Thai project, a social enterprise supporting and elevating the quality of lives of people with autism at all age. These special needs people have been encouraged to create drawings and paintings, a one-of-a-kind artwork, to be made into various types of products. The program is supported by vocational training center run by the Autistic Thai Foundation whose commitment is to sustainably bring values and elevate the quality of living to the special needs people.

Sikkha Na Kittikun Foundation has teamed up with Cheevit Water inviting special needs children to drinking water design labels as part of Cheevit Water Series II by Gifted or Talented Child Ryukin – Parinya – Nattee project. For each bottle purchase, one bath will be donated to the foundation to improve learning and development opportunities for special needs children such as those experiencing autism, down syndrome and brain disabilities.

Asia Foundation has paired up the community of Klong Toey, an impoverish settlement in Bangkok, and a volunteering Japanese artist named Fuji Tate to create a lifestyle brand “Feemue” which means skill or handicraft. Each item is made by women living in this Bangkok’s largest slum area. Through the brand, the foundation aims to change the negative image of the slum community through the power of design. FEEMUE has earned Japan’s prestigious Good Design Award 2017, a testimonial of international acknowledgement.

Support handicrafts from these special artisans at Made by Beautiful People. Your helps could add values and generate income, create sustainable living and bring pride to those in needs. Now available at ICONCRAFT, the ultimate destination of craftsmanship for worldwide visitors at ICONCRAFT on 4 and 5 Floor at ICONSIAM, Charoen Nakhon Road and ODS (Objects of Desire Store) on 3 Floor, Creative Lab, Siam Discovery.

Siam Piwat has remarkably stood as “Creative Economy Leader” has long been committed in driving its business towards sustainability through co-creation and creating shared-values, to create social equity, leverage the quality of lives and competency for Thais and to drive the economy and bring good reputation to our country


ICONCRAFT is a showcase of prestigious Thainess to the world through contemporary art and handicraft. This retail space is a praise to Thai craftsmen and creative individuals where their valuable arts are on displayed, available for sales and ready for new business opportunities. ICONCRAFT connects the creative individuals with more than 300 entrepreneurs, talented craftsmen and designers in various fields. The synergy not only expands their business opportunities but also inspires the whole industry and serves as global craft destination that attracts crafts enthusiasts and visitors from all over the world to Thailand.

For more information, please call 02 495 7080 or FB ICONCRAFT THAILAND

About ODS (Objects of Desire Store)

ODS (Objects of Desire Store) is a 620-square-meter selective retail space located on 3 Floor of Siam Discovery, housing more than 130 Thai design brands. Each name is an award-winning design piece that earned recognitions from the Department of International Trade Promotion, DEmark or Design Excellence, Talent Thai and more.

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