ICONSIAM stuns at Asia Pacific awards: sweeps up four of 12 First Prizes at International Council of Shopping Centers’ Asia Pacific awards programme Selected ‘Best New Development’ in Asia-Pacific


- First time ever a new development is presented so many first prizes at the International Council of Shopping Centers awards programme

- First Prizes include Best New Development, Best Support to Businesses, Best Grand Opening, and Best Public Relations Campaign

“We’re proud to win the world for Thailand.
ICONSIAM set out to be a sensational global landmark and a game-changer in destination development.Through the cooperation of great retailers, architects, artists, artisans, community leaders, and the travel industry we’re fulfilling that vision and helping to give visitors one more reason to fall in love with Thailand and showcase
the capabilities of Thais on the global stage”

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Director, ICONSIAM Co., Ltd. and CEO, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd.

(29 October 2019) – ICONSIAM, the USD 1.7 billion riverside landmark destination that opened in Bangkok in November 2018 has swept four out of twelve First Prizes at the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) Asia Pacific awards programme recently organized in Singapore.It is the highest number of first prize awards for any new development in the history of the awards programme.

The ICSC is the international trade association of the global shopping centre and retail real estate industry that was established in 1957 and has more than 70,000 members across more than 100 countries.

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, Director of ICONSIAM Co., Ltd. and CEO of joint venture partner Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. said, “ICONSIAM set out to be a sensational global landmark and a game-changer in destination development and retail development. Through the collaboration of great retailers, architects, artists, artisans, community leaders, and the travel industry we’re fulfilling that vision and helping to give visitors one more reason to fall in love with Thailand.”

“We take the greatest pride in our role to help Thailand achieve recognition and respect on the world stage.These prestigious awards not only help elevate Thailand’s international profile, but they are also a symbol of pride for every Thai by showing our country’s creative capabilities,” she said.

She said that ICONSIAM has also created a new axis of development in Bangkok on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River by successfully attracting many eminent global brands to open their first Thai retail outlets at the destination as well as hosting the flagship stores of many ultra-luxury brands.

- ICONSIAM received the first prize in the Best New Development category and was held up by developers and retailers from around the world as an example of revolutionary new thinking in retail and destination development.In particular, it was recognised for successfully creating a globally innovative model for destination development that moves away from being a mall or a mixed-use complex to being an inspiring destination that perfectly combines across its 750,000 square metres of square space a great riverside location with vast and varied cultural offerings, an exciting diversity of activities, entertainment, restaurants, and super-luxury residences, together with extraordinary shopping possibilities that present the best of the world with the best of Thailand.

- The first prize in the Best Support to Businesses category was given to ICONSIAM’s ‘SookSiam’ concept which is laid out across almost 10 rai (1.5 hectares) of space on the development’s ground floor.SookSiam presents the cultural heritage of the four, main geographic regions of Thailand, capturing their arts, handicrafts, performing arts, and local wisdom.Within SookSiam are outlets of varying types that are built in the style of their respective regions, and which offer regional specialties, including crafts, foods, and services that are unique to each region.

Mr. Chayapong Naviroj, Chief Executive Officer of SookSiam said, “It is a platform that brings together hundreds of small, mom-and-pop operations from across Thailand’s 77 provinces who present the best of their products, and we support them with merchandising and marketing ideas to help them penetrate international markets.Most of the people selling here have never operated out of their hometowns before, but are now able to sell on a globally visible platform.”

- The first prize in the Best Grand Opening category recognised the glittering opening programme which included an array of shows, performances, global superstar concerts, and the largest flying drone display ever organised in Southeast Asia with more than 1,500 drones flying in unison to create moving patterns and messages across the night sky.The event, which presented the best of the world as well as the best of Thailand, was attended by tens of thousands of well-wishers, celebrities and Thailand’s ‘Who’s Who’ and brought global attention to Bangkok and Thailand.

- ICONSIAM also won first prize in the Best Public Relations category for creating global awareness of ICONSIAM as an exciting destination.The opening programme generated more than Bht 900 million of coverage around the world and was attended by more than 1,000 local and international reporters.ICONSIAM’s awareness was pushed to 93% in Thailand.ICONSIAM was the most talked about subject in Bangkok in social media during 30 days after the opening and “#ICONSIAM” became the number 1 top trending hashtag on Thailand’s twitter.

Ms. Mayuree Chaipromprasith, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., said, “The effectiveness of our communications is essential to our success because it helps us fulfil our purpose to serve as a platform that attracts global attention to the very best of Thailand as well as the very best that the world has to offer.We invest heavily in marketing and communications activities as well as in on-the-ground activities to ensure that ICONSIAM is constantly an exciting place to visit, always with something new and inspiring to see and experience.”

“Our marketing strategies and activities are at the forefront of innovation, with new ways of creating emotional engagement with our stakeholders and also making them into champions of the ideas that ICONSIAM represents,” she said.