Siam Piwat unveils the “ONESIAM SuperApp” – a smart platform that delivers the all-encompassing Universe of Extraordinary Experiences. Joining forces with partners across 13 industries to create a world of digital business through a world-class ecosystem of success


- Siam Piwat is launching a groundbreaking premium world-class business ecosystem that homes in on over 7 million affluent customers in Thailand and reaches powerful customer bases around the globe.

- Advancing its Co-creation initiatives, Siam Piwat is joining forces with leading partners across various sectors as well as over 1,000 premium and luxury brands from Thailand and around the world, onboarding them into its ecosystem of success, which links together platforms for content, loyalty programs, and digital assets.

- Siam Piwat is unveiling the ONESIAM SuperApp: the Universe of Extraordinary Experiences, which merges four universes of experiences into one, and introducing an all-new loyalty program that offers more rewards through VIZ COINS.

Reinforcing its position as the thought leader, Siam Piwat Company Limited, a leading retail and real estate developer, the owner and operator of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and one of the joint owners of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, is unveiling the ONESIAM SuperApp – the Universe of Extraordinary Experiences, which brings together experiences beyond expectations into a single platform. In conjunction, the company is also advancing its Co-creation initiatives by joining forces with innovative organizations, partners, retailers, and brands from across the world to create a premium global ecosystem that connects to powerful customer bases both locally and internationally, thus opening up a new world of business that can expand beyond all boundaries.

Ms. Chadatip Chutrakul, Chief Executive Officer of Siam Piwat Group, said, “Ten years ago, Siam Piwat completely overhauled its business strategies. We were the first to announce that our shopping centers would no longer be just places that sold products and services but would be venues that delivered fresh and unparalleled experiences across all dimensions that sought to inspire and offer endless value to people’s lives. Our business success was no longer measured in profit but rather by the ability to win the hearts of Thai and international customers. Since then, we have successfully transcended domestic competition and become the winner of numerous global accolades, making history and establishing strong customer bases both locally and internationally. Our success today is owed to the long-standing collaboration with our retailers and business partners, who are ready to move forward with us to revolutionize the industry and introduce novelty. The growth and success that we have been able to achieve together thanks to our mutual support is something we truly take pride in.”

Digital technology plays a critical role in business today as it has altered the business ecosystem and brought opportunities for digital systems to become interconnected. As such, a retail business no longer has to confine itself to the conventional limits of the industry and can now expand towards new business models through partnerships as well as integrate customer bases in such a way that will maximize benefits and deliver an astonishingly diverse range of experiences to customers through a single platform. Siam Piwat recognized this opportunity and thus began developing a premium Global Ecosystem that will connect its partners from around the world, so that every party can achieve mutual growth on the digital platform, all of which is all rooted in Siam Piwat’s business philosophy of Share Values and Co-creation for greater and more sustainable success.

Ms. Chadatip added, “Today, we are ready to launch into a new world where business can expand without boundaries and introduce the Universe of Extraordinary Experiences. In only 13 months, we revised our strategies and developed a brand new application with capabilities to connect to various types of platforms of our partners in the ecosystem. Under the guidance of Mr. Ariya Banomyong, Acting Chief Innovation Officer of Siam Piwat and CEO and Founder of Transformational, and our Chief Digital Officer Mr. Axel Winter, and with state-of-the-art innovations from various premier organizations overseas, Siam Piwat has invested over 300 million baht in the development of this application along with big data, with the primary goal of supporting the business of the retailers in our four shopping centers as well as over 1,000 local and international partners that we have invited to join this Global Ecosystem, forming the first-ever synergy of such scale. We are very pleased to introduce the ONESIAM SuperApp as a platform that enables businesses across 13 industries to engage customers, essentially placing them firmly into the daily life of the customers as insightful companions. The vision behind the development of the ONESIAM SuperApp that will enable the partners in this business ecosystem to fulfill the lifestyle needs of affluent customers are as follows:

1. Sharing Economy: Siam Piwat believes in the power that comes with the sharing of benefits to every party in the supply chain. The ONESIAM SuperApp, therefore, has been designed to bring benefits to all involved, including:

- Global customers: The ONESIAM SuperApp not only delivers the Universe of Extraordinary Experiences but also maximizes what customers gain out of each spending by transforming existing Loyalty Programs into a value creation system through which customers receive VIZ COIN in return under the specified terms and conditions. In addition, Siam Piwat also has plans to expand towards digital asset services in the first quarter next year in collaboration with various business partners.

- Participating retailers and stores from the four shopping centers: Siam Piwat has positioned the ONESIAM SuperApp as an Earn & Burn destination in order to boost sales, support brand building, promote spending, as well as foster steady growth for the participating retailers and stores.

- Business partners: The ONESIAM SuperApp will be a single unified platform that all the partners in the Global Ecosystem can utilize to advance their business and develop new digital products. It will also serve as a hub for VIZ COIN conversion and spending as well as a vast range of privileges and benefits, enabling all the partners to expand their customer bases on the platform without limits or boundaries.

2. Co-creation: Siam Piwat has joined hands with innovative organizations, partners, retailers, and brands from around the globe to kick off an exciting large-scale content development initiative in collaboration with world-class content makers as well as to create marketing campaigns, promotional activities, and loyalty programs. Members in the ecosystem can also co-create communities around customer interests. In 2022, the ONESIAM SuperApp will also be developed further as a space where customers can have fun and co-create content in each community.

3. Collaborate to Win: This marks the first time ever that platforms across such a diverse range of business types, including fintech, S-commerce, E-commerce, NFT, cryptocurrency/benefits, and metaverse platforms, are connected into a unified ecosystem in order to give Siam Piwat’s customers and partners access to all types of transactions in a single platform strengthen the platform. In addition, Siam Piwat’s partners can always think up and co-develop new digital businesses on the ONESIAM SuperApp.

4. Sustainable Growth for All: Siam Piwat’s mission is to ensure mutual growth for all members on the ONESIAM SuperApp platform, which will open up a new world of digital business that breaks down every limitations, leading to meteoric business growth, the mutual expansion of customer bases among partners, and the co-development of new digital businesses without limits. The platform will also help expand customer bases towards global citizens for sustainable growth.

Siam Piwat is among only a handful of real estate developers in the world to invest in developing their own platform for their customers and partners to bring benefits to all involved. This initiative is built upon the vision of Siam Piwat and its partners in the Global Ecosystem, who will come together and co-create digital experiences beyond expectations on the single platform. Siam Piwat approach for the experience management is customer-centric, which enables the profound understanding of customer behavior and needs, injects inspiration and delivers the unrivalled experiences while fostering the mental values and serving the consumers’ consumption demand in all dimensions with the ultimate services.

The new ONESIAM SuperApp will be launched on December 9, and membership is free and open to all. The ONESIAM SuperApp curates a selection of products and services based on each user’s interest and is capable of recognizing patterns in user behavior thanks to AI-based technology. In addition, as part of hyper-personalized marketing, the application can analyze purchasing behavior and predicts each customer’s next purchase, which in turn improves Siam Piwat’s merchandise management and creation of campaigns that truly meet customer needs as well as enhances the integrated experience for customers who are seeking an insightful companion.

Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop, Chief Customer Officer of Siam Piwat Company Limited, stated, “The ONESIAM SuperApp will be a portal to Siam Piwat’s ecosystem that will empower its members more fully than ever. Today, retail is no longer just a matter of transactions, but is also about building experiences that will maximize satisfaction for customers, which will in turn reinforce Siam Piwat’s unique innovative retail leadership.”

The ONESIAM SuperApp brings together extraordinary elements through the four universes of experiences below:

1. Universe of Shopping Experiences: Over 1,000 premium and luxury brands have accepted the invitation to become part of the ONESIAM SuperApp in early 2022. These world-class brands will be participating by offering their products on the platform, contributing exciting content, and developing loyalty platforms. Siam Piwat believes the integration of the partners and retailers into this ecosystem will mark an important milestone for Siam Piwat in delivering fresh experiences and rewarding privileges beyond expectations once again. In addition, Siam Piwat is also catering specifically to luxury customers, with dedicated features such as separate content, products, and services windows for them.

2. Universe of Co-Created Communities: Siam Piwat is collaborating with thought leaders, new generations, partners, and retailers to co-create an online community platform that delivers a diverse range of content around customer interests to drive engagement and inject inspiration into their daily life. Each month, customers will have access to over 3,000 pieces of curated content on latest trends from five main communities: Style (fashion and accessories), Glow (health, wellness, beauty, skincare), Feast (food, beverages, celebration), Travel (travel, art, culture, design), and Fun (sport, games, gadgets

3. Universe of Infinite Rewards: In collaboration with its partners and retailers, Siam Piwat is launching a new revolutionary loyalty program that uses the VIZ COINeach coin equivalent to one baht to elevate the shopping experience at participating stores both in the shopping centers and online. Siam Piwat is also working with the loyalty programs of its partners to empower users with the ability to convert the points in their credit cards and member cards into VIZ COIN, so that they can shop in a more rewarding and convenient way. The more they shop, the more VIZ COIN they can earn and immediately spend. Furthermore, Siam Piwat is shaping the ONESIAM SuperApp into an Earn & Burn destination for the retailers and partners in its global ecosystem.

4. Universe of Unlimited Experiences: Starting from early 2022, members will be able to carry out digital transactions related to digital assets and digital utility through the ONESIAM SuperApp. In the first phase that aims at delivering experiences that go beyond the global retail, Siam Piwat has announced its collaboration with KASIKORN X or KX as its first partner to establish Coral - Super Simple NFT Marketplace (CORALWORLD.CO) to support and drive advancements in art, culture, and lifestyle, both offline and online, by Thai and regional artists, and a partnership with ZIPMEX for the redemption of exclusive collections with ZIPMEX Tokens (ZMT). These initiatives will pave the way for the second phase, in which Siam Piwat will be working with leading partners, such as X Spring and J Ventures, to deliver a comprehensive array of digital experience within next year. Furthermore, Siam Piwat is also preparing to expand its capabilities to connect the real and virtual worlds on a metaverse by joining hands with experts overseas so that customers can avail themselves of a diverse range of benefits through a single source, with more business development and digital activities in the pipeline for the ONESIAM SuperApp.

For the development of the ONESIAM SuperApp, Siam Piwat has partnered with various leading tech companies, such as Transformational and Perx Technologies, to create unprecedented digital experiences beneficial to both retailers and partners. At the same time, the customers will be able to avail themselves of a full range of privileges through a new Loyalty Program that replaces traditional points collection with the VIZ COIN, which can be earned and spent with greater ease and excitement thanks to the gamified experience. The Company has also joined hands with Adobe, who will be overseeing content management and personalization, and Huawei Technologies, who provides cloud services, with plans to partner with more leading companies to develop the platform towards fintech and digital assets in the future. Siam Piwat expects to garner 500,000 downloads for the ONESIAM SuperApp in the first three months and 5,000,000 downloads by the end of 2022.

The ONESIAM SuperApp is ready to team up with global privilege partners and retailers to deliver a universe of experiences that match customer needs with products and services more precisely. Thanks to the confidence and trust that the Company has earned from its partners through the years, over 50 companies across 13 industries have accepted the invitation to join Siam Piwat in co-creating this premium world-class business ecosystem. A preliminary list of the partners who have joined the ecosystem is as follows:

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

Financial and banking institutions: BANGKOK BANK, Krungthai Bank, Bank of Ayudhya PCL., KRUNGSRI CREDIT CARD, Krungsri First Choice Visa Platinum, KASIKORNBANK, Krungthai Card, CITIBANK, TMBThanachart Bank, SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK, United Overseas Bank (Thai), Government Saving Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Thai), Visa International (Thailand) Ltd.

Insurance: Bangkok Life Assurance Public Company Limited , Dhipaya Insurance Public Company Limited, Howden Maxi Insurance Broker Company Limited

Information technology and telecommunications: True Corporation Public Company Limited, Total Access Communication Public Company Limited, Advanced Info Service Public Company Limited

Real estate development: Sansiri Public Company Limited

Hospitals: Bangkok Hospital, BDMS Wellness Clinic Company Limited,
Bumrungrad International Hospital, RAKxa Fully Integrative Wellness & Medical Retreat

Airlines: Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Bangkok Airways,
airasia Super App

Automotive: Millennium Group Corporation (Asia) Limited

Media and entertainment: Kantana Group Public Company Limited, Plan B Media Public Company Limited, VGI Public Company Limited

Tourism and hospitality: Banyan Tree Bangkok, Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

Digital assets: J Ventures Company Limited, ERX Company Limited, XSpring Capital Public Company Limited, KASIKORN X, Zipmex

Technology: Transformational, Perx Technologies, Adobe, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., inCart by Muze Innovation

Advertisement and content creation: Ogilvy (Thailand), D-production, And Friends ,Pentu-Penta Boutique Agency and Production House, Ease Creative and Production House, Team Jinto

Enjoy extraordinary experiences in the parallel world today at your fingertips today through the ONESIAM SuperApp, available for download on the App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android).

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