Siam Piwat taps into tech talents in new generation to reinforce its digital team at Tech ConNEXT Job Fair 2022


SIAM PIWAT is taking another step closer to tap into the new tech generations atTech ConNEXT Job Fair 2022.The company is welcoming new tech-savvy to join its digital team to develop co-creative platform - ONESIAM SuperApp. It is a new business model that can engage all-gen consumers to join and create shared values for all stakeholders in the SIAM PIWAT ecosystem. At the event, Mr. Axel Winter, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Mr. Panthep Nilasinthop, Chief Customer Officer and Mr. Peerawich Promjai, Vice President, Digital Technology shared their vision and way of working in a special talk entitled “A Retail business in Digital age” - connecting the parallel world both offline and online.

At Siam Piwat, we pioneer creativity and drive limitless possibilities to enhance the capabilities of the new generation.