Siam Piwat is set to issue perpetual bonds, offering first-ever opportunity for investors to be part of its long-standing success in its stride towards future businesses


Siam Piwat, a leading real estate and retail developer, the owner and operator of world-class projects, such as Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, is offering an opportunity for investors to take part in its success across the past 63 years for the first time ever by issuing perpetual bonds. With an estimated interest rate in a range of 5.25%-5.50% per annum in the first five years, paid out on a quarterly basis, the perpetual bonds have been assigned an investment grade rating, reflecting the group’s strong growth potential.

Ms. Chadatip Chutrakul, Chief Executive Officer of Siam Piwat Group, stated that Siam Piwat has continuously posted strong growth over the past 63 years of its operations and established a robust high-spending customer base both domestically and internationally.Every project of Siam Piwat has achieved tremendous business success and garnered extensive world-class accolades that it has gained respect and acceptance among business partners and leading international organizations. While it has never offered investors opportunities to take part in its businesses thus far, Siam Piwat is now driving its strategies to build an ecosystem by creating shared value with business partners across various dimensions and it will for the first time ever engage high net worth investors to take part in Siam Piwat’s businesses, which have been growing with stability and sustainability.

As for the use of proceeds from this issuance, Siam Piwat will use it to pay for the leasehold on land and to improve all of its shopping centers to strengthen its core businesses and better cater to lifestyles of the future, as well as to expand towards various businesses in the new economy, while creating digital platforms that will connect its core businesses to new endeavors in collaboration with partners in its ecosystem. In addition, Siam Piwat aims to leverage its expertise and experience in the management of shopping centers, office buildings, and residential buildings to further expand its real estate service business in the next 1-3 years.

Siam Piwat is preparing to issue perpetual bonds no. 1/2022, payable upon dissolution, with the issuer's right to early redemption and unconditional interest deferral with a call option from the fifth year onwards. The interest rate will be in range of 5.25%-5.50% per annum in the first five years, adjusted every five years based on five-year government bond yields, and paid on a quarterly basis. The perpetual bonds will be offered to institutional and/or high net worth investors, with the minimum subscription amount of THB 1,000,000 or a multiple of THB 1,000,000. Siam Commercial Bank, Thanachart Securities Plc., KGI Securities (Thailand) Plc., Asia Plus Securities Co., Ltd., and IV Global Securities Plc. have been appointed as the underwriters of the debentures, and the offering is expected to take place in 1st week of August this year.

Siam Piwat was assigned a company rating of “A-“ with a “stable” outlook, and the perpetual bonds were rated “BBB” with a “stable” outlook by Tris Rating Company Limited as of June 30, 2022. The investment grade ratings reflect Siam Piwat Group’s reliability, potential and strength as a world-class real estate and retail developer. At present, Siam Piwat has a total of 47 subsidiaries across seven core business groups, consisting of the following:

1) Shopping centers and office buildings: Siam Piwat is committed to developing world-class projects that epitomize design, construction, and management excellence, such as Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Siam Piwat Tower, Siam Paragon, ICONSIAM, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok. All of them have won top awards across various categories in numerous global award programs organized by prominent international associations and organizations and contributed to Thailand’s reputation as all-time favorite destinations for visitors across the globe.

2) Department stores: Siam Piwat has embarked on joint ventures with experienced companies in Thailand and overseas to operate Paragon Department Store at Siam Paragon and Siam Takashimaya at ICONSIAM, the latter of which is a joint venture with Takashimaya, Japan’s premium department store, and is Takashimaya’s first-ever branch in Thailand.

3) Convention centers and exhibition halls: Siam Piwat’s convention centers and exhibition halls, namely Royal Paragon Hall, a popular venue of choice for important events for government agencies and private businesses in Thailand, and True Icon Hall at ICONSIAM, have placed themselves in the forefront of Thailand’s MICE industries.

4) Digital platforms for offline-online customer experience integration: Siam Piwat has developed digital platforms to accommodate technological advances and digital business expansion as well as to enhance the competitiveness of its businesses. In late 2021, Siam Piwat launched its latest digital platform ONESIAM SuperApp, which integrates offline and online businesses into abusiness ecosystem connecting powerful partners.

5) Facility management: Siam Piwat provides management services for mixed-use complexes, including shopping centers, office buildings, and residential buildings, under the supervision of a team of professionals with extensive experience in building management.

6) Marketing communication: This business group provides comprehensive marketing management services to retailers and real estate projects in Siam Piwat Group.

7) Retail Business: is to support and elevate the capabilities of SMEs at Sook Siam, ICONCRAFT and other retail brands in Siam Piwat Group. Independent business owners, people with disabilities, and the underprivileged are given spaces to showcase local products from 77 provinces across Thailand. We also expand businesses overseas in the form of franchise to introduce Thai products to wider consumer bases. This is in line with Siam Piwat’s vision to co-create shared value with the concept of ESG, encompassing the general public, communities, society, and the environment in order to ensure sustainable mutual growth.

Recognized for its ability to maintain its leading position in high-spending market and its vision to foster a distinctive identity in the shopping center and retail industries, Siam Piwat has a strong track record in marketing and financial status. In addition, it has put in place a stringent policy to maintain the debt-to-equity ratio at a low level. As of December 31, 2021, the ratio was at 0.99 time (as shown in the audited financial statements).

For more information, please contact the underwriters: Siam Commercial Bank Plc, Tel. 02-777-6784; Thanachart Securities Plc., Tel. 02-779-9000; KGI Securities (Thailand) Plc., Tel. 02-658-8951; Asia Plus Securities Co., Ltd., Tel. 02-680-4004; and IV Global Securities Plc, Tel. 02-658-5788.

Investors can learn more details from the filing form and the draft prospectus at:


- Perpetual debentures are financial products that have higher risk and more complex than normal debentures and have a risk rating of 7 out of 8.

- Investors will not receive the principal back unless the issuer shall dissolute its business or call for a redemption earlier than schedule.

- The issuer has the right to delay the interest payment, together with accumulated interest to be paid to any day to bond holders without limitation on time and frequency upon the sole consideration of the issuer, which investors may not receive the expected returns and have no right to indict the issuer.

- The perpetual bonds do not have cross-default clause, which means when the issuer’s debt default on other creditors occurs, it will not be considered as default on this bond.

- The perpetual bonds have low liquidity in the secondary market, which mean investors may not be able to sell the bonds at the expected prices and/or within expected timeline when they want to sell.

- In case of the issuer’s insolvency or rehabilitation process or liquidation, investors will be repaid debt after normal creditors such as secured creditors.

- Investors should carefully read the information about the nature and conditions of the bonds, returns, and risks before making an investment decision. This document is not a prospectus for the offering of the bonds and is produced for the purpose of publishing the information about the bonds, so that investors have sufficient time to study such information before making a decision to invest. The information herein is a partial summary of the information in the draft prospectus filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is still not legally enforceable, and as such is subject to change. The offering of the bonds can only be undertaken once the filing form and the prospectus filed to the Securities and Exchange Commission come into effect and once the prospectus has been delivered or distributed to investors.