Siam Piwat leads the parade of global luxury brands, setting up pop-up stores to create exquisite phenomena of Luxury for All


A pop-up store has become a popular retail strategy and has been harnessed for branding and product introducing purposes, especially for the luxury goods market where this store type is regarded as a marketing tool to showcase new concepts and special collections. A reason for this trend is that it can cater a unique and ludic experience to attract visitors and target groups to immerse in an exquisite atmosphere of the brands’ offers. Creating a compelling customer experience (CX) serves as an approach to represent a brand's image and individuality. Design affirms the brand’s standing, suiting lifestyles of the new generation where never-before-seen compilation, the stories behind, vitality, vibrancy, and fulfillments of its secure places in target customers’ heart in no time.

Siam Piwat, as a world-class destination developer, is highly recognized by luxury brands that it becomes a must-visit destination for flagship and pop-up stores of various and comprehensive high-end goods choices. Thus, the brands prefer implementing their pop-up strategy at Siam Paragon and ICONSIAM. Within the first half of 2023 alone, the number of pop-up stores reached that achieved in 2022. Siam Paragon and ICONSIAM are Thailand’s most fully integrated with its product and service availability that can generate tremendous traffic of both local and international customers, specifically 350,000-450,000 persons per day. Its premium representation that goes well with the brands’ positioning successfully attracts shopping enthusiasts who fly directly across the globe to engage in another level of exclusive experiences curated by different leading brands, whether special collections, limited editions, latest collections first available to shop from the runway, as well as exhibitions and exclusive events throughout the year.

With an intensive work process engaged closely by Siam Piwat and luxury brands, alongside tailored communications through all possible channels, Siam Piwat can concretely shape concepts and enhance the presentation of new collections effectively while each pop-up store achieves greater sales than targeted. Looking into the event frequency held by luxury brands over the years, the trend is soaring year after year with increasing demands for event space and duration. Certain brands have returned with their pop-up projects at a frequency of more than once a year. More investment strategically goes to product showcases with larger areas occupied. Importantly, most customers are likely to make the purchase after being embraced by impressive activities and experiences.

Global brands are marching to first set up their pop-up and flagship stores at both Siam Paragon and ICONSIAM for the country or even the ASEAN region. This reflects a strength of the Siam Piwat Group as a leader in creating luxury experiences beyond expectations and the confidence the world-class luxury brands have in the Siam Piwat Group while introducing Thailand to the global arena of the luxury goods market.

Recently, BOTTEGA VENETA launched a new pop-up store in the heart of Bangkok at Parc Paragon to showcase its latest design collections. CELINE picked ICONSIAM as a pop-up location to introduce its new capsule collection. At the same time, DOLCE & GABBANA and VERSACE unveiled their new collections at Siam Paragon. Besides all these, there will be many others more to deliver majestic phenomena.

The Siam Piwat Group’s curated luxury experiences have also arched over the new generation audience under concept “Luxury for All”, which conveys the value of luxury from a different perspective so that accessibility and first-hand experience of extraordinary phenomenon are possible to all as an individual fulfillment, whether in terms of fashion, lifestyle, music, art, food, travel, technology, or other personalized experiences that bridge over gender, age, and status gaps, where everyone can experience and access every facets of the luxury-ness and relish rewarding moments within this place.