ICONSIAM Unites with Partners from Various Sectors to Host a Mesmerizing Global Countdown Phenomenon – “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024 at ICONSIAM”


- This marks the most significant collaboration ever seen at ICONSIAM, involving government, private sectors, and communities along the Chao Phraya River, together, creating a world-class countdown phenomenon, "Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024.” This event is a celebration that bids farewell to the old year and ushers in the new one, showcasing the glory of Siam on the world stage.

- Anticipated to draw participants and viewers of the fireworks display along the Chao Phraya River, as well as from live stream audiences, the event is poised to captivate over 11 million people from across the country and around the world. This further solidifies the Chao Phraya River and Thailand as premier global countdown destinations, fostering a desire among people worldwide to visit these destinations consistently.

- The ultimate entertainment extravaganza, a convergence of top Thai and international artists on a 360-degree stage along the enchanting riverside. Featuring 13 top Thai artists, joined by globally acclaimed K-Pop artists BamBam-Kunpimook Bhuwakul, a globally renowned Thai artist, coupled with YUGYEOM and Mark Tuan. This marks a historic occasion as three of the esteemed members of GOT7 unite on the same stage for the first time at a countdown event in Thailand.

- The pinnacle of the fireworks phenomenon under the theme “The Unrivaled Phenomenon of Siam,” bigger than ever before with 50,000 dazzling and longest fireworks in Thailand, unfolding along the most picturesque curve of the Chao Phraya River. This is the result of the collaborative effort of a dedicated team of Thai experts and the award-winning pyrotechnics director from Japan, the winner of the 2023 Shinmei Fireworks Festival in Japan.

- Witness the extraordinary "3D Drone Celebration Show," a spectacle that unfolds in the night sky.

- Immerse in an experience beyond expectations for three days and three nights, from December 29 to 31, 2023, at River Park, ICONSIAM.

Mr. Supoj Chaiwatsirikul, Managing Director of ICONSIAM Company Limited stated, “A collaborative effort involving key entities such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), ICONSIAM Company Limited, Charoen Pokphand Group Public Company Limited, CP All Public Company Limited, CP Extra Public Company Limited, Lotus’s Prive, The ICONSIAM Superlux Residence Corporation Company Limited, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Company Limited, True Corporation Public Company Limited, Coca-Cola (Thailand) Company Limited, Dentiste’ Thailand, CardX, Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited, Toyota Motor Thailand Company Limited, Diageo Moët Hennessy (Thailand) Company Limited, along with private sector partners, hotels, and communities along the Chao Phraya River, have come together to organize the event "Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024 at ICONSIAM." This activity aims to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year through a collective celebration under the theme "The Unrivaled Phenomenon of SIAM: The Countdown Phenomenon That Mesmerizes the World and Forwards the Glory of Siam." This event aims to boost tourism and elevate the Chao Phraya River and Thailand as premier global countdown destinations, fostering a desire of people worldwide to visit these destinations consistently.

This event stands as the most significant collaborative effort of ICONSIAM, the public sector, the private sector, and riverside communities. With an investment of over 300 million baht, the River Park area of ICONSIAM has been transformed into a majestic venue, promising an experience that exceeds expectations. This represents an unprecedented pinnacle of entertainment for both Thai locals and tourists worldwide, captivating an audience exceeding 11 million individuals encompassing attendees, viewers of the Chao Phraya River fireworks display, as well as a global audience tuning in live from various corners of the world. There is confidence that this event will leave a lasting positive impression, enhance the country's image, and contribute significantly to an increase in tourist numbers, thus stimulating Thailand's tourism economy.

An Unparalleled Countdown Phenomenon Captivating the World in Every Dimension

Mr. Supoj furthers emphasized that ICONSIAM, being the globally renowned countdown destination for New Year's Eve celebrations, holds a unique position as the sole destination in Thailand with worldwide recognition. Our festivities are consistently broadcasted to a global audience through various influential channels such as CNN, BBC, AP, Reuters, ABC, and more. In the spirit of spreading joy, this year ICONSIAM intends to bring happiness to both Thai locals and tourists, featuring the following highlights:

The Pinnacle of Entertainment Phenomena!

The event assembles a stellar lineup of the most talented Thai and international artists on the exclusive ICONSIAM stage, the only venue of its kind in Thailand. Thirteen distinguished Thai artists, including Bamee (BameeKT), PERSES, Jeff Satur, Proxie, QRRA, 4EVE, ATLAS, Three Man Down, Zee Pruk Panich, NUNEW-Chawarin Perdpiriyawong, PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn, and Billkin-Putthipong Assaratanakul, all set to deliver joy on the breathtaking 360-degree stage along the Chao Phraya River. Joining them are global sensations BamBam-Kunpimook Bhuwakul, YUGYEOM, and Mark Tuan, marking the historic first gathering of these three GOT7 members on stage at a countdown event in Thailand.

The Unrivaled Eco-Friendly Fireworks Phenomenon!

"The Unrivaled Phenomenon of Siam" reaches new heights this year, surpassing previous years with a grand display of 50,000 fireworks. This extraordinary showcase, the longest in Thailand at 1,400 meters, unfolds along the most picturesque curve of the Chao Phraya River. The spectacle is the result of a collaborative effort from a team of skilled Thai experts and Okujyo Yoshimasa, the award-winning pyrotechnics director from Japan and the winner of the 2023 Fireworks Contest at the renowned Shinmei Fireworks Festival in Japan. The same cutting-edge fireworks-making techniques showcased recently in Japan have been incorporated into this year's event. It promises the audience a multisensory experience, combining vivid colors with full emotional intensity. It’s a new and one-of-a-kind fireworks display that has never been seen before in Thailand.

The Most Spectacular Drone Show Phenomenon!

Prepare to be stunned by the "3D Drone Celebration Show," a spectacle featuring over 2,000 drones that sync to the music. Envisioned under the concept "The Revolutionary Phenomenon of SIAM," this spectacular event unfolds as a grand spectacle of glory, transcending to the night sky. Narrating the wonderful tale of ICONSIAM's splendor, the show unfolds the grand phenomenon forged from the river of dignity, much like the Chao Phraya River itself. This show serves as a unifying force for the people of Thailand. It stands as a representative showcase, illustrating the nation's greatness in the sky, while simultaneously conveying wishes for collective prosperity and sustainable progress in the upcoming year.

Experience the extraordinary performance, "The Unrivaled Power of Thainess," seamlessly blending the strength of the Thai spirit that captivates the global audience. Serving as the opening act for the Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024 on December 31 at River Park, ICONSIAM. Captivating the global audience, this spectacle weaves together cultural richness shaped by faith and belief, embodying the auspicious occasion of unity. Featuring the "Chuck Nak Dukdamban," a legendary representation of the Churning of the Milk Ocean, this performance symbolizes the wish for good fortune as we embark on the beginning of a new era.

Continuing the momentum, the show harnesses the potent energy of the indomitable spirit through the renowned "Art of Muay Thai." The grand finale unfolds, spreading joyous exuberance through the performance titled "The Fusion of Applied Thai Dance and Enchanting Choral Music," a celebration that marks the dawn of a new era. Crafted to establish a phenomenon by merging Thainess onto the international stage, the performance features Thai artists showcasing the essence of Thainess to the eyes of global audience. These include Bow Maylada Susri, the world champion Thai boxer Buakaw Banchamek, and Thai musical theatre performer Kamm Kulkornpat Menard. Collaborating with the Chong Kben band, a nationally recognized contemporary musical ensemble, and choruses, the performance involves the synergy of over 60 supporting actors. This event is another New Year's gift proudly presented by ICONSIAM, and it serves as a testament to promote and enhance Thai soft power across all dimensions.

Additionally, ICONSIAM extends an invitation for everyone to take part in the fireworks display photography contest themed 'The Unrivaled Phenomenon of SIAM' to win prizes valued at more than 200,000 baht. The contest aims at capturing and reflecting the joy and beauty of the New Year's Eve fireworks display. The contest is graced by the honor of Tul Hirunyalawaan, the President of The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand under the royal patronage of His Majesty the King. Accompanying him as expert judges are Chulawit Santipong and Wannapong Surarojprajak. Adding a touch of youthful expertise is the highly talented actress and passionate photographer, Nicha-Natthanicha Dangwattanawanich, who has also joined the committee. For those interested in participating can get more information about the photography contest at www.iconsiam.com

Be a part of the world-class countdown phenomenon, “Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024 at ICONSIAM,” promising a grander and more magnificent experience than ever before—a celebration like no other. Join the festivities from December 29 to 31 at River Park ICONSIAM, free of charge.

For detailed information and conditions regarding attendance, please visit www.iconsiam.com or follow ICONSIAM on Facebook: ICONSIAM. Alternatively, you can choose to watch the event through 16 live broadcast channels, including Thairath TV (TV Channel 32HD), ONE31, PPTV HD 36, and TNN16. Online options are available through Facebook channels such as Thairath Online, Daily News Online, One31, PPTV HD 36, TNN16, Khaosod Matichon, Feed, and The Standard. The live broadcast will commence from 11:00 p.m. onwards. Additionally, ICONSIAM's online channel via Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and TikTok Live ICONSIAM will start broadcasting from 7:00 p.m. onwards.

For the general public interested in attending the event, various transportation options are available to reach ICONSIAM, including cars, buses, passenger boats, and the BTS Silom Line to Krung Thonburi Station. From there, visitors can seamlessly connect to the Gold Line BTS at G2 Charoen Nakhon Station for a convenient and quick journey to ICONSIAM. For additional information, please call 1338 or visit ICONSIAM’s Facebook: ICONSIAM.