Siam Piwat partners with Thammasat-Chulalongkorn to elevate real estate and retail knowhow for a new generation of personnel as part of its goal to become a well-growing platform


- Siam Piwat joins hands with Thammasat University to develop real estate management programs to improve readiness for entrepreneurs and launch a co-creation business project for the development of a new shopping mall for all.

- Siam Piwat partners with the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University to develop urban planning and facility management programs and jointly host academic talks on design for society of the future.

Siam Piwat – a leading real estate and retail developer, the owner and operator of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok – has signed two separate memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with two premier Thai higher education institutions, namely Thammasat University and the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, to collaboratively develop personnel and design a retail development program. The initiatives serve to further solidify Siam Piwat’s position as a well-growing platform for all and a future-ready organization.

Ms. Amporn Chotruchsakul, President - Business Support, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., said, “Siam Piwat is a world-class project developer that seeks to achieve sustainable business growth by placing emphasis on personnel development, which will support domestic and international business expansion and lead the organization into the future. In particular, we give younger generations an opportunity to develop their potential and gain experience with us. Therefore, we have been working to form partnerships with leading higher education institutions that produce

personnel for the shopping center and retail industry. The separated MOUs for a three-year academic collaboration with Thammasat University and Chulalongkorn University are aimed at developing human resources to accommodate business growth and is aligned with Siam Piwat’s position as a well-growing platform under SIAM PIWAT Academy, a learning and management institute that exchanges real estate and retail knowledge with Thailand’s education sector.”

The partnership with the two universities is expected to enable Siam Piwat to further develop and disseminate the knowledge and experience it has accumulated over the years through various jointly hosted academic activities for the benefit of real estate businesses, society at large, and the country. The collaboration will also bridge the gap between theory and practice, leading to the creation of practical knowledge. Under this initiative, the three parties will be working together to integrate experts from Siam Piwat into the practical components of existing programs to promote the exchange of beneficial information, knowledge, and technology as well as the recruitment of students for short- and long-term internships and professional training programs, with the goal of keeping the programs up-to-date and in alignment with changes in innovation and technology and maintaining access to scholarships for students from both universities.

Assoc. Prof. Gasinee Witoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University, stated, “Thammasat University is very delighted to collaborate with Siam Piwat. We recognize the advantages of this collaboration in three dimensions: 1) an opportunity to recruit intern students across every faculty and field of study, facilitating their knowledge and skill development for practical application and expansion; 2) the joint development of real estate business programs or courses to ensure entrepreneur preparedness and enhance the skills of Thammasat University's students and faculty members for the benefit of society; and 3) the collaborative development of special projects to further develop and deliver extraordinary experiences Siam Piwat’s customers and the retail and real estate business industries in the future.

Asst. Prof. Sarayut Supsook, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University, expressed his pride in signing the memorandum of understanding with Siam Piwat and envisioned the success that would be achieved through the collaborative development of academic projects, such as research initiatives in architecture, industrial design, the physical environment, real estate development, landscape architecture, interior architecture, and community and urban planning, where resources and technologies would be utilized to fully develop the potential of the personnel. Through this partnership, the two parties would jointly host urban planning and facility management courses, which would provide an excellent opportunity for professional designers and developers to disseminate design knowledge and solve social issues as well as to foster a network of new generations of designers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and the general public to create new value and address social issues.

The partnerships mark an auspicious beginning for the full-scale operation of Siam Piwat’s well-growing platform and underscores its commitment to the development of personnel from all generations and sectors by adjusting work processes, enhancing robust teams capable of adapting to all changes, and delivering extraordinary experiences beyond all expectations in order to maintain the top-of-mind position among all customers and uphold its status as an employer of choice in the workforce market in Thailand.