Siam Piwat Partners with Hyundai Department Store to Forge Global Retail Collaboration Phenomenon, Reaffirming Crowning Achievement in the Limitless Expansion of Global Ecosystem


- Siam Piwat, a leading Global Destination developer in Thailand, has teamed up with Hyundai Department Store, a prominent retail powerhouse from South Korea, to enhance collaboration within the retail industry on an international scale. This partnership aims to cultivate fresh business prospects and collaboratively broaden the global landscape of premium retail.

- It’s the first time for Hyundai Department Store to expand its business overseas. By joining forces with Siam Piwat Group to provide superior privileges between ONESIAM members and Hyundai members, elevating the exclusive shopping experience for shoppers from all over the world.

- This initiative further solidifies Siam Piwat’s standing as a model organization dedicated to advancing sustainability in business, bolstering its retail ventures while empowering local champions to expand and evolve into global heroes.

- By integrating the potential of creative spaces, staying ahead of trends, and creating a magnetic pull between shopping centers, this proactive approach responds to the evolving lifestyle needs of the future that can attract both Thai customers and foreign tourists. Emphasizing the Global Destination project that always won the people's hearts.

Reinforcing its success in establishing a borderless global business ecosystem, Siam Piwat Group, Thailand’s leading real estate and retail developer, the owner and operator of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, and Siam Discovery, and a joint venture partner of ICONSIAM, ICS, and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, has recently unveiled a significant collaboration. Partnering with Hyundai Department Store, the largest department store chain developer in South Korea, both entities have joined forces by signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU), aiming to elevate and revolutionize the future of retail. This collaboration seeks to perfectly synergize exceptional benefits, offering exclusive experiences and services to members of both parties. With a shared objective of cultivating and promoting new business opportunities on an international scale, the partnership is geared towards the development of world-class destination projects.

Mrs. Mayuree Chaipromprasith, President - Corporate Affairs and Communications, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., remarked, "This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Siam Piwat's business principles, which revolves around the 'Co-create & Collaboration to Win' strategy. We prioritize fostering a constructive ecosystem continuously by partnering with leading and robust global business entities and consolidating remarkable potential to propel business growth in innovative and boundless ways. We are dedicated to consistently creating phenomena and delivering novel experiences to people. This reinforces our position as the foremost global destination developer, cherished by people worldwide for our numerous successful and widely acclaimed projects."

Mr. Jung Jee Young, President, Hyundai Department Store, expressed, "With a shared commitment to excellence, we have partnered with the Siam Piwat Group, renowned for its global destination shopping centers that have long captured the hearts of tourists. Together, we aim to offer superior benefits and elevate the customer experience. This collaboration also presents a significant opportunity to break down market boundaries and showcase the potential of K-Culture, a highly popular trend in Thailand. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for Thai people with a valuable chance to experience it firsthand. It also encourages small and medium-sized Korean brands to have the market opportunity to abroad. Consequently, it fosters a positive impact on the business of both parties. Moreover, this collaboration will contribute to the enhancement of tourism and the strengthening of Thai-Korean cultural bonds, while also aiding in reaching and expanding into new target demographics more effectively than ever before."

The collaboration with Hyundai Department Store enables the creation of a more complete ecosystem by leveraging the strengths of both businesses towards a shared objective. This partnership enhances the overall experience for a diverse range of customers, offering exceptional benefits to members of ONESIAM and Hyundai Department Store. This collaboration aims to entice shoppers by offering diverse special privileges at shopping centers and stores as well as stores within the alliance network. It seeks to leave a lasting impression, providing customers from both parties with a unique and superior lifestyle experience. Consequently, shopping centers within the Siam Piwat Group will emerge as the top choice for South Korean travelers visiting Thailand. Similarly, Hyundai Department Store will become the premier shopping destination for Thai tourists exploring South Korea.

Given the robust potential of both renowned retail enterprises, evidenced by the significant usage of their services and the substantial spending of customers, they have decided to collaborate and enhance the retail business by actively participating in presenting leading brands and exclusive items across shopping centers. Additionally, this collaboration presents an opportunity to support Thai entrepreneurs in showcasing their creative products to international markets, propelling local heroes to global prominence as well as encouraging small and medium-sized Korean brands to have the market opportunity abroad. This partnership will yield boundless success and drive the business towards sustainability.

In addition, Both entities are committed to creating opportunities and fostering business growth by delivering a diverse range of new experiences and exclusives at the ‘K-Content Specialty place’, a collection of recently popular K-food, K-pop, K-webtoons, K-fashion, and more., offering a shopping experience and fulfilling the demands of modern consumers, which is to forge a new attractive magnet that caters to both Thai customers and foreign tourists, Emphasizing the importance of the Global Destination project that always won the people's hearts.

Siam Piwat Group has successfully reinforced its Global Ecosystem by forging partnerships with world-class multinational retail giants. These include PARCO Shopping Complex in Japan, TAIPEI 101 in Taiwan; Republic of China, Hong Kong Times Square, ION Orchard Department Store in Singapore, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Plaza Indonesia in Indonesia, which is a diverse business group encompassing shopping centers. These strategic partnerships connect and extend extraordinary benefits to visitors and entice shoppers from retail alliance members across various countries to visit and shop at Siam Piwat Group shopping centers. Moreover, these collaborations contribute to enhancing the shopping and lifestyle experiences for both Chinese and global tourists, facilitated by platforms such as Alipay, Klook, and This not only promotes the tourism sector but also bolsters the Thai economy as a whole.

Through the collaboration with Hyundai Department Store, Siam Piwat not only strengthens the business ecosystem and elevates the retail business to an international level but also reinforces its crucial mission as a leader in creativity. Siam Piwat remains dedicated to continuously creating new phenomena and delivering experiences that exceed expectations, ensuring a lasting impact on people's lives.


About Siam Piwat

Siam Piwat is a Thailand’s leading world-class developer of global destinations, the owner and operator of Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, a joint partner of ICONSIAM, ICS and Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok. Siam Piwat is dedicated to pioneering world-class projects with creativity, innovation, and top quality management. It is also an innovative prototypes and concepts, consistently delivering unparalleled experiences to customers.

Siam Piwat is firmly committed to driving its business towards sustainable growth and aspiring to create legends and mutually-rewarding achievements with stakeholders, passing on through generations to regenerate a sustainable world.

About Hyundai Department Store

Hyundai Department Store is a major department store chain in South Korea, currently operating 16 department stores nationwide. Its parent company is the Hyundai Department Store Group.

Hyundai Department Store is active in providing high-quality services, differentiated content, and trend-forward MD, and it is proposed to realize customer satisfaction beyond customer expectations.

Also, Hyundai Department Store is contributing to the development of the domestic distribution industry. In particular, The Hyundai Seoul, which opened in February 2021, is considered to have presented a "future department store platform" by maximizing the concept of 'retail therapy' instead of the traditional department store platform, reducing sales area and constructing an unconventional nature-friendly space.

Hyundai Department Store will become an ever-evolving platform through content research and development that can satisfy the space you want to stay and the desire for new experiences.