Siam Piwat affirms its commitment to sustainable development, moves towards the goal of becoming a “Zero-Waste Company” by fostering the circular economy


Bangkok (December 23, 2020) – Siam Piwat Company Limited, affirmed its commitment to sustainable development when Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, CEO of Siam Piwat Group, was awarded a prize at the Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2020, or AREA 2020 in the Responsible Business Leadership category as a visionary leader with commitment to driving the business towards sustainability and prioritizing the benefit of the community and society along as well as environmental conservation. Siam Piwat itself was also the recipient of a “Green Leadership” award as an organization with an effective policy for protecting and preserving the environment of every area in which it operates. With these awards, Siam Piwat is further advancing its green leadership by paving the way as the first retail real estate business to promote the circular economy towards the goal of becoming a “Zero Waste Company” capable of 360-degree waste management to create environmental equilibrium and provide a sustainable solution for the plastic waste problem in Thailand.

Mrs. Chadatip Chutrakul, CEO of Siam Piwat Group, stated, “The Responsible Business Leadership Award belongs to everyone at Siam Piwat who has played a role in working towards the Company’s main resolution, which is to evolve our retail developments towards a model that creates value for people, the community, and the country. Throughout the years, we have integrated the strategies of “Co-creation and Creating Shared Value” into our business practices, giving particular importance to three dimensions: people, communities, and the environment. Developments operated by Siam Piwat must contribute to widespread social sustainability. We don’t simply conduct CSR activities once in a while; rather, we have integrated this approach into our day-to-day business operations. Siam Piwat prioritizes empowering people by leveraging traditional Thai wisdom and creativity to pass on benefits to a large number of people all over the country and Thai society at large, utilizing space in its developments as venues for presenting a variety of products and services all the way to providing business development support to retail operators in a comprehensive fashion. Furthermore, we believe that any business operations that take place on the premises of Siam Piwat’s developments must bring progress, convenience, and better quality of life to surrounding communities as well as help protect the environment and ensure accessibility for all through the universal design principles. In fact, Siam Piwat is considered a pioneer as the first company in the retail development industry to comprehensively integrate universal design in the infrastructure of its buildings.”

Projects that Siam Piwat have initiated to empower the community and integrated into its business operations include the following: ICONCRAFT, the largest retail space promoting handicrafts by artisans from all over Thailand and honoring Thai local wisdom by applying a new perspective to craftwork; SOOKSIAM, a venue that creates business and development opportunities for local entrepreneurs towards the goal of sustainability while celebrating the skills of “Local Heroes” and propelling them to become “Global Heroes”; O.D.S. (Objects of Desire Store), an arena featuring outstanding products and innovations by Thai designers who have worn international awards; and the “Made by Beautiful People” zone, a creative space for skilled designers and makers, including people with disabilities, children with special needs, and the underprivileged.

“On the same stage, Siam Piwat also received the “Green Leadership” award as an organization with an effective policy for protecting and preserving the environment of every area in which it operates by establishing policies and strategizing environmental preservation practices clearly from the outset and following through with effective implementation. Beyond this, we have also maximized results by integrating environmental protection and preservation into day-to-day business operations, such as by utilizing Siam Discovery as a model and inspiration for a new environmentally friendly lifestyle and creating ECOTOPIA, a creative space by true environment lovers selling green products from over 300 brands, from everyday household goods, product refills for reusable containers to help reduce waste, health foods made from natural, organic ingredients, and recycled materials, all the way to handicrafts and local artisanal products made from natural materials to create income for local communities, all this in the effort to build a community that inspires everyone to change their lifestyle and be a part of the green movement together. This serves as a model for the practical implementation of the circular economy because Siam Piwat believes that Together, We Co-Create a Better World,” added Chadatip.

“Siam Piwat” Open House: Paving the way as the first retail real estate business to promote the circular economy towards the goal of becoming a “Zero Waste Company”

Siam Piwat is ready to build on its achievements as recipient of a Green Leadership award by heightening its commitment to addressing environmental problems through the promotion of the circular economy along with the goal of becoming a pioneer Zero Waste Company capable of 360-degree waste management to create environmental equilibrium and provide a sustainable solution for the plastic waste problem in Thailand.

Ms. Naratipe Ruttapradid, Senior Executive Vice President of Operation, Siam Piwat Company Limited, said, “Intensifying environmental problems are the responsibility of every sector to collectively address. Siam Piwat has always placed importance on the environment. For more than 10 years, Siam Piwat has applied the 3Rs—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—to the environmental management systems of its retail developments, especially in waste management, which is one of the most significant aspects that Siam Piwat has taken serious action on and for which we have received recognition from waste management agencies as the company with the most comprehensive waste management system. This year, Siam Piwat has elevated its waste management strategy to a 360-degree system to achieve the goal of becoming a “Zero Waste Company,” beginning with campaigns that encourage customers and the general public to recognize the importance of environmental preservation as well as learn and understand how to sort waste and how to create a comprehensive waste sorting system so that waste can be fully recycled into raw materials and upcycled to create added value.

This year, Siam Piwat has collaborated with many agencies from the public and private sectors on the following campaigns to educate the public on the principle of waste sorting:

1.“Send Plastic Home”: This project is carried out in collaboration with the Thailand Responsible Business Network to create a prototype model for plastic drop-off and educate the public on how to sort and clean various types of plastic waste at home before discarding at drop-off points provided by Siam Piwat

2.“Magic Hands x Won” Project: This project is a collaboration with PPP Plastics that enables the public to drop off plastic film packaging for recycling

3. “Recycle Collection Center” Project: This project is a collaboration with TRBN that provides a drop-off point for various types of recyclable waste, where the public can bring pre-sorted waste to the Recycle Collection Center, the unique feature of which is a drop-off point produced entirely from upcycled materials, a co-creation of Best Polymer International Co. Ltd. and DuckUnit Co. Ltd. The project has been supported by leading brands, such as Unilever Group Thailand, Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Tetra Pak (Thailand) Ltd., and B.Grimm Power (Public) Co. Ltd., which have cooperated with Siam Piwat on this occasion to create a prototype for encouraging the public to learn how to manage post-consumer resources and deliver them to collection centers or the manufacturers for recycling.

Sorting waste at the point of origin is the first step of total waste management. After sorting, Siam Piwat delivers recyclable waste to processing facilities and connects recycling outlets or centers to partners or leading manufacturers, such as PTT Global Chemical (Public) Co. Ltd. or GC, which will process PET and PE plastic waste into raw materials for sale to manufacturers of goods from recycled materials for further upcycling and design into new products, or Best Polymer Company, which will upcycled multi-layer plastics into products, some of which will be sold at ECOTOPIA in Siam Discovery.

Siam Piwat continues to push forward as a company that creates value for the general public, communities, society, and the country and strives to develop a business that benefits the public as well as promotes the circular economy towards the goal of becoming a “Zero Waste Company.” Siam Piwat is ready to pave the way for the management of post-consumer resources in order to solve the problem of plastic waste in Thailand sustainably.