Recognizing the importance of marketing and marketing communications to the ongoing success of our developments,
Siam Piwat has set up a separate subsidiary company, Supremo Co., Ltd., dedicated to providing full-time support for our tenants and properties.

With over 100 employees and comprehensive marketing services, Supremo’s approach and expertise involve marketing communications, digital marketing,business promotion and world class events.

Supremo’s world-class creativity and originality - the trademark of all of Supremo’s works - have been fully demonstrated at events such as the opening of ICONSIAM- a mega city project , AMAZING Thailand Countdown 2019 at ICONSIAM, the sensational grand opening of Siam Center, which made headlines across Asia, and Guinness World Records events, including “the Largest Human Christmas Tree” in 2013 and “the Largest Gathering of Santa’s Elves” in 2014.

Supremo’s comprehensive range of services encompasses marketing, marketing communications, digital marketing, sales promotion, and world-class events. For every project, Supremo’s team of experts always begins by obtaining insights into customer needs in order to deliver fresh and inspiring experiences to shoppers and launch sales promotion activities that can truly drive sales and improve opportunities for success for tenants.