An Unrivalled World-Class Landmark

ICONSIAM is a project of ‘firsts’ and ‘bests’. Nothing has ever been built in Thailand that combines so many major world-class features, and with so many of them done for the first time in Thailand or even in Asia. ICONSIAM is about creating an amazing, must-visit destination that will be a magnet for the country, lift the level of quality that people will come to expect from all things Thai, as well as elevate ‘Thailand’s brand’, and thus place Thailand gracefully on the global stage.

ICONSIAM is Thailand’s largest US$ 1.6 billion investment from private sector to create a new national landmark for Thailand on the River of Kings, presenting a nation abounding in magnificence and wonder. It is the greatest property endeavour with stunning “7 Wonders Attractions” packed into one of the world’s most glamorous lifestyle, retail and luxury residential developments that will not only redefine retail and real estate sector in Thailand but also shift the commercial landscape paradigm to the River of Kings which will also become the next global destination.