Launched under the concept "Local Craft Heroes to Global Icons," ICONCRAFT is a hub of inspiration that showcases the height of Thai craftsmanship to the world. This massive 2,500-sq.m. multi-brand store on the 4th and 5th floors of ICONSIAM offers a vast array of innovative art pieces and contemporary craftworks by Thai artisans. The philosophy behind ICONCRAFT is to present Thai wisdom and value to the world.

As a center where over 300 entrepreneurs, artisans and designers from various fields meet and exchange ideas, ICONCRAFT offers Thai artisans a greater opportunity to improve their craftsmanship, showcase their crafts, increase the value of their work, and develop new businesses. Apart from creating business opportunities, ICONCRAFT also serves as a hub of inspiration for visitors and the ultimate destination for craft lovers from all over the world.

ICONCRAFT features arts products that can be divided into seven categories: The Painter, The Sculptor, The Carpenter, The Gastronomer, The Therapist, The Smith, and The Weaver.