Utilizing its experience and success in its shopping mall and retail businesses, Siam Piwat founded Siam Piwat Academy in 2015 as an educational institution that disseminates knowledge on shopping mall management and retail to the public with a team of Siam Piwat’s top executives who bring their unique experience and expertise in each area to the table. Siam Piwat Academy has also collaborated with Thailand’s two leading educational institutions, Chulalongkorn University and Thammasat University, to launch specialized courses on management of facilities, projects, and public spaces for the first time in Thailand.

The establishment of Siam Piwat Academy has marked another important step in reinforcing Siam Piwat’s strategic position as the Icon of Innovative Lifestyle as well as demonstrated the breadth and depth of the potential and experience of Siam Piwat’s top executives and their roles in driving the company towards success. The main goal of Siam Piwat Academy is to repay society and elevate the quality of life of all Thais. By sharing its business insights and expertise with the public, the company hopes that it will be able to help enhance the potential of the personnel in the retail industry, boost Thailand’s competitive capability on the world stage, and ultimately establish a solid and sustainable foundation for the country’s retail system management.