Creating opportunities for people

Recognizing the potential and capabilities of Thai people, Siam Piwat strives to serve as medium of knowledge on various facets and creativity to open up new opportunities and create a space where Thai people can fully demonstrate their potential and capabilities and strive towards better life and sustainable development of the nation.

Other Initiatives

Community and Environment

Elevating the quality of life for people in communities and society and enhancing the environment

Alongside building up on its knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise in enhancing business capabilities, Siam Piwat has always remained faithful to its role and commitment towards communities and the environment. It has been the company’s resolution to extend support and assistance to elevate the quality of life for communities and society at large and enhance the environment in the vicinity of every facility or project of Siam Piwat so as to ultimately lead Thailand towards sustainable development.

Other Initiatives


Establishing Thailand’s reputation on the global stage

In addition a breadth of vision in its operation, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. aspires to repay the country to the fullest of its ability. This goal has guided our operation since the establishment of Siam Piwat, and thus the company has consistently cooperated with the governmental and private sectors as well as civil society organizations in holding activities for various social causes to establish Thailand’s reputation on the global stage, bring pride to Thai people, and lead the country towards sustainable development.