Creating opportunities, promoting equality among all people and accelerate their success

Siam Piwat prioritizes empowering people by leveraging traditional Thai wisdom and creativity to pass on benefits to a large number of people all over the country and Thai society at large. Siam Piwat emphasizes the opportunity and the equality for the people in 3 groups 1.) the general public 2.) talents in various fields 3) those with disabilities, special needs children and underprivileged people through the use of spaces in all of our developments.

Other Initiatives

Communities and Society

Bringing prosperity and better qualify of life to communities around our projects

It is our philosophy that we must bring prosperity and better quality of life to the neighborhoods where we operate our business. Therefore, we strive to share value with every community we become a part of, contribute to businesses in the area, as well as improve the environment and the well-being of local residents, and use universal design to create spaces and facilities that are accessible to all.

Other Initiatives


Ensuring natural resources and environment remain in balance and raising awareness
about the importance of environmental conservation

Siam Piwat has introduced policies and guidelines to protect and conserve the environment in all areas where the company operates its business in order to ensure that their natural resources and environment remain in balance. All of Siam Piwat’s projects raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and galvanize the public into action against global warming, so that we have a beautiful world to pass on to later generations. We pave the way as the first retail real estate business to promote the circular economy towards the goal of becoming a “Zero Waste Company capable of 360-degree waste management to create environmental equilibrium and provide a sustainable solution for the plastic waste problem in Thailand.