Siam Piwat recognizes the significance of promoting architecture as a field of education and career path for students, who will be a major force in propelling the development of Thailand’s architecture and structures in the future. Therefore, the company has initiated Siam Piwat Scholarship Program with the objective of enhancing the potential of knowledgeable and skilled undergraduates with determination to bring about positive changes to the country in their capacity as future architects of Thailand.

Started in 2014, Siam Piwat Scholarships were first awarded to undergraduates of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. Later in 2016, the recipients were expanded to include undergraduates of the Department of Architecture, the Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University as well.

Siam Piwat Scholarhips are five-year grants. Each year, a scholarship worth 510,000 baht is awarded to one Chulalongkorn University undergraduate student, and three scholarships worth 500,000 baht are given to Silpakorn University undergraduate students. Students eligible for the scholarship are those with good conduct, creativity, and resolve to create positive changes in the nation. In addition to the financial support throughout the duration of their education, the recipients of the scholarship will also be given an opportunity to learn in real working environments with Siam Piwat’s teams.